Wednesday, August 25, 2010

OK, stick with me on this, it's actually going somewhere

I have a short story that, as per usual, I'm going to make long just for you. I've been saving it. Well, not exactly saving it, I've either been:
a.) busy
b.) forgetful or
c.) lazy

Sorry, just keepin' it real.

Last month, my mom turned 55. (not really, but I'm figuring if I keep lying about my age, I'm gonna have to start lying about hers. Plus I'm doing a little butt kissing here... keep up). My little sister Torrie, organized the whole surprise party herself.


Only mom wasn't surprised. Like always. She acted surprised, and then told everyone that she'd already figured it out. None of this shocked me at all.

Everyone was there, all her kids, most of the spouses, lots of mom's friends, mom's in-laws and outlaws. Sadly some of the inlaws/outlaw are the same people, but I'll save that for another post.

So anyway, Torrie was there right? Did I mention my little sister Torrie has multiple personalities? Yeah she does. (btw, Hi Torrie! Love you! (I know she reads here.. shh)). So anyway, "multiple-personality-Torrie" has a city life, and a country life. She works during the week at her air conditioned job in the big city. (I threw in the air conditioned part just to imply that it's cushy. I dunno if it really is or not :p )

On the weekends, she flies like a Kountry gal. There's outbuildings, horses, lots of trees, and chickens. Yep, she has a little small farm in the country about 2o miles from me! All this and I really don't see her much more.

Yes that was my motherly nagging gene.
sorry Torrie, I still love you anyway.

So anyway, Torrie tells me that they are sick of their chickens. You see, around the time we got ours, they got theirs. I, being the over protective mother hen, watch them like a hawk.
A chicken hawk.

I entertain myself.

Torrie's on the other hand, got to live the high life. They got to run and be free. When Rooster (aka 'Wooster' ala my niece Tayen) bit the dust by something that goes bump in the night, Torrie said she was "tired of messing with them" and asked me at said party, if I wanted them.

I said I'd think about it.

I thought about it and well, chicken are like popcorn - there's always room for more.

About a week later, Torrie called and wanted to see if it was ok to go swimming in our pool. Which of course I said "Cha! Yeah... duh... SWEET!" Mainly cuz that means I can take some pics of someone in the pool besides Tanner.

Sorry Tanner. I'll make it up to you if you put on a purple bikini like Tayen.


So I told Torrie, if she still wanted to ditch those chickens, I'd take them off her hands. Using her best "damn chickens!" voice, she said she'd find a cage and get them there.

A few hours later, Torrie shows up, with a little girl in a purple bikini and five little chickens. Four red ones and a white one.

They were a little worse for wear, but they were here.


They were pretty scared. I mean, they were obvious small fish in a big pond full of piranhas. Piranhas with beaks.

Needless to say, adapting has been a struggle. As you can see above, they stick in a pack and head the opposite direction of the others when they get to go outside. The white chicken has it the worst as she's the smallest, and the only white chicken. With that, she has developed an attitude and protects her "clan". She'll puff up and peck chickens twice her size if they get up in her grill.

The chicken on the far left is the sweetest chicken we have. She is friendly and wants to come up right to you. Today, when I went to get a scoop of scratch, she snuggled up right between my feet. She lets me pick her up and makes a funny cluck.

I've started calling her Daisy.

I'm pretty confident Daisy won't be eaten. Probably ever.

In other news, we now have TWO little chickens laying eggs. I'm getting four a day. BTW, we eat about 6 eggs a week. :/ I could have had one chicken and been ok.

I have 23.

Now, after all that, don't you wish I'd just said "When we were at my mom's birthday party, my sister told me she had some chickens I could have. She brought them to me a week later" ??

You're silly. When have I ever told a story in one sentence?



Jamie said...

Great story! I think that little white chicken has an Ali thing going "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."

erinlou80 said...

St Joe has a farmers market (though I don't know what happens in winter) on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
We're trying to eat local and natural and right now I'm eating TONS of eggs since I'm expecting our first...I'll help you eat some of those eggs you're gettin' stuck with!

Lee Ann said...

I probably would have chickens just because. I don't have to use up all the eggs that get laid. I'd most likely would enjoy having them around.

Come to think of it, so would my cats. :-O

Maybe I better not have any chickens! LOL. :-)

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