Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Busy bees here in NW MO

Hey all, going to give you some quickie updates then I'll post some pics!

** First, Dad is not doing as well as he was before. Lincoln Hosp (bryan LGH) really wasn't doing as well for him as they could have. Mom and a nurse threw down, seems the nurses felt it was ok for dad to sit in a chair for 13 hours. It put him in a coma even tho mom BEGGED them to put him in bed. His CO levels went high so it put him in a coma. (lawsuit?) Anyway, mom had a fit, and I guess they finally put him back in bed. His levels went down and he came out of it. He got transfered to Omaha. Better than a coma, but not as good as he was the first few days. Keep him in your thoughts.

** Wedding invitations have gone out. Everyone should be getting them over the next couple days, except for you guys Emma/Michael. Since you all are canucks, it will take up to 2 weeks to get there. (that's what $3.81 will get you, if I wasn't so cheap it would have been there in 4 days and I'd be $20 poorer! lol).

** Water restoration is coming along. Pretty much everything is dry. Still have to have the underlayment on the house replaced, floors in the dining room replaced, replace some doors, fix the grout that had to be drilled in the bathroom and get the HVAC checked out. BAsically, a LONG way, but at least there's no mold (that I know of).

** Got a clothesline finally! Yay! Don't know what my love of clothes lines is all about, but I really always want one. I never had one when I lived in town (renting) so I had a line hung in the basement. *It's not the same*. Out here, we had the poles, but it had no line on it. I had aquired some line someplace, so we used that and some more that I bought. I've only been looking at my clothesline (no wire) for about 2 months now .. pining away. Finally tanner started it, but line has to be super tight for me to be happy, and that takes 4 ppl to make happen. There was only ONE fight. As soon as Gene figured out I was right, all was good :p

** David Cook won american idol! woo. That day had been kinda crappy, but that was a nice finish to the day. I am actually proud of him. Seems like one of the few times that the person that really should have won, did. Simon was a douche the night of the singing finale, and said that David A was a shoe-in (basically). Scared the crap out of me so I voted like 50 times LOL. I think it did everyone else too, so David C won by 12 million votes.

Of course, all of that is old news, but you know, it's part of my world.

And it's Tuesday. What is on TV on Tuesdays? *sigh*

** We were kid-less this weekend. Decided that we wanted to go do something for the memorial weekend, so we went to omaha. Just stayed in a VERY NOISEY Motel 6 and went out to eat, went to the zoo, and tried to visit dad (he was asleep and I couldn't get him awake). I haven't been to the zoo in about 4 years, so it was fun. VERY HOT off and on. Seems like the sun only came out from behind a cloud when I needed to walk outside. I don't do well in the sun. That and I'm out of shape. But it was great exercise... I only had one "moment" where I was DONE. And needed cold water. Let's just say, I'm not an outdoor girl. lol. I'll post pics from the zoo after bit.

** ALMOST FORGOT... Got my email fixed, so if you've had a bounced mail from me, send it again!

Lots of stuff to get done.. have quite a list going here, and only about 1/3 marked off!!

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