Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's a girl!!

And a boy... and a boy... and a girl!

Today, on Wild Kingdom, we explore the Cease Fire Ranch in NW Missouri.

Kinda cute for RACCOONS!

We got tired of the waiting game so Gene climbed under the house, split the underbelly lining open and pulled out the litter. Right now, we have one of the 4 inside of the live trap. Mamma raccoon will not be able to keep herself from "saving" the pup and WACK, she'll be in the *live* trap. (don't get your knickers in a twist, our goal is to relocate her and her brood.

In the meantime, the other babies are asleep inside of a towel, in a big rubbermaid tub in the living room. I have to admit they sure are cute. They remind me of when I was a kid, Uncle Kermit had some coons as pets. You can't keep them long because they tear stuff up, and I have no desire to have a domesticated raccoon that I have to set free.

Look what else is at our house. A big fat robins nest on the light pole. We thought it was an old nest, but it was a new one. I saw Momma Robin a few days ago busting a beak trying to get an old piece of clothesline off the line. It didn't happen. I did have intentions of putting out a basket of string and yarn for the birds this year, but seems they did pretty good without me!

I'll update you on the raccoons. I'm scared she's gonna trip out when it's time to let her go. I hear they'll rip your arm off!

(this is why god made men... that and spiders)

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Steven N said...

RATS RATS everywhere!

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