Monday, May 19, 2008

No emails

Hey all...

If you are trying to get ahold of me, hang on a bit. My email is DOWN. My host and I are fixin' to throw down. They did something to my server and apparently every time they do this, my email (being one of the earlier ones) has to be set manually (i'm assuming here) so what a PITA!

If you must get ahold of me... seriously, call me! If you don't have my phone #, email me at my hotmail account, username reneesj

I may be needing to change my email account *again* thus why I'm holding off sending out a "this is my new email address" email.

I'll post weekend updates maybe later tonight. Pics of 2 graduations!

Going to go get my hair cut.

House still not fixed, but had some optimistic news!

Back soon!

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