Thursday, May 15, 2008

A day in the life....

First and foremost, my dad is doing *really well* I guess he's sitting up, wanting to get up to walk to the rest room (they won't let him and he gets pissed lol), not eating because they won't let him yet, talking, etc. He's *ok*.
How weird you can get CPR for 45 min and come out ok. Well, not great, he looks like he got beat up in a bar fight and lost BAD, but he's "ok".
Thanks for all your good thoughts.


We still have blowers here for the flood of Ought-Eight. (2008 children.. der). They ripped out the underlayment under the house and it will be replaced next week. The ServPro guys are really nice, they are doing an excellent job. They helped us move 1/2 of what we own into this:

Shipped 2 hours from KC on the night it happened. You should see the bill for that thing! Amen for home owners insurance!

Guess what we have!

Can you find it?

We have a hummingbird! He's pretty cute, came right up to the window yesterday. He likes the red writing on the storage unit. I am going to get a hummingbird feeder. I'm so excited there are ANY birds (barely any trees here remember?), let alone a hummingbird!

I usually prefer the squirrels, but I've not seen any of those out here.

Notice any similarities?

David Archuleta vs Bobby from Bobby's world.

For those of you out of the loop, the guy on the left is one of the last 2 in American Idol. I happen to want the other David (cook) from Kansas City! He's actually pretty good. My favorite tho was Syesha Mercado. She's soooo beautiful and an excellent singer. I expect to see her on Broadway someday.

Not a fan of Archuleta. He's cute, he's an ok singer, but it bugs me to watch him sing. I've heard better, and he licks his lips a lot which BUGS ME! I wouldn't buy a CD from him (not that I actually *listen* to music.. only time I listen to music is actually american idol... lol).

Go David Cook!

(I might even vote this time.)

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