Tuesday, May 27, 2008


OK, anyone that knows me well, knows that I Loooooove the wind turbines. I would gladly let them put one up in my back yard. Seriously these things ROCK. I'm not sure why the windmill love, I just am amazed at the idea of free energy, about using something that is clean and just there for the plucking.

We saw these guys on the way home from Omaha. I finally got to see them actually spinning a couple weeks ago. This time I had my camera so we went into a restricted area (oops, didn't see the sign til we were leaving) and took some pictures.

Wind Capital Group is behind the turbines that are speckling the horizon around NW Missouri. Rock Port missouri (Cow Branch - where we were) is completely "off the grid". IE: they don't need to buy any outside energy, they are self sufficient now. That rocks.

I want a turbine!

No really.

I'd love to have free light and power! Plus I just think they are beautiful. Each blade is over 100 feet long, and the turbines have the "wingspan" of nearly a football field! You wouldn't believe how big the trailer is that brings ONE of these blades into town.

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