Monday, May 12, 2008

Update #2

OK, so I've told you about dad so my day wasn't so great already.

This morning, gene is getting up getting ready for work and comes running into the bedroom "we got a flood!"

Not leak, not wet, not drip, not water.... FLOOD

Guess what. I did.

Long story short because I'm tired. Pipe in the bathroom burst sometime in the night, it was on the opposite end of the house, our door is shut, we play - ironically - water noises to sleep by so we heard nothing. Tanner apparently sleeps like a log so he heard nothing until we started yelling, and of course this would be the day he didn't set his alarm clock so it went even an extra 45 min.

Hot water - about 3000 gallons approximately - has entered my home and most of it has exited my home via floors, carpets, vents. The underbelly of the house has to be completely removed and new put in. *I am not doing it*

Yay for Farmer's Mutual - shout out to Bob Hall - he's been great "just do what it takes to fix it" and also to ServPro out of St. Joseph. They were here in about 20 min of getting the call.

I have drying machines here - I have floors that are ruined (that wood floor that took us 3 weeks, yeah, that floor), I have a mini storage pod that had to be brought all the way from Overland park so I had *someplace* to move all the stuff for them to dry under it. I *think* my scrapbook room is going to be ok, there's a lot of paper in there, I'm worried about that. My wedding dress was only a couple inches above all the wet.

They said that the drying part *should* be done by the end of the week, unless it starts downpouring...

Cross your fingers. It's been a sucky week, and it's MONDAY!

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Emma said...

LMFAO Maybe the water drenched Mama Coon and sent her on her way!

But seriously, that sucks and Im sorry to hear about everything thats going on, Im definitely going to be praying for your dad, and Im hoping he is doing well. Be strong!!!! Its hard as hell but youve gotta be strong no matter what happens, and remember that youve got a good man beside you and you can cry on his shoulder like a baby anytime.

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