Friday, May 9, 2008

Embrace the dandelion

Some random updates to let you know what's going on at the Cease Fire Ranch.

Raccoons must die. I don't care if they are cute little bandits. I heard Jesse James was good looking too, see how far that got him? OK then.

I'm pretty confident is mamma raccoon digging at our floor. I swear she's trying to get into the house, and doing a damn fine job if I might add. I really would like to shoot her myself!

Look what I have!!!!

I was just commenting to Gene last week that I used to have lilacs in my yard and how pretty they smelled. I went to the car today and caught a flash of lavendar.. what the h....? Guess what, there was a few lilacs! I didn't even know we had a lilac bush. (The blonde is not REAL fyi). After I noticed the flowers I realized *of course* I know what a lilac bush looks like. They are so pretty, but there are not many. Of course it's planted super random like every other tree around here. I wonder if they really had some sort of plan when they planted our 8-10 trees, or if some branch just started growing out of the ground so they left it where it lay?

Remember the baby robins from a few days ago?

Look at them now!

Mamma robins get PISSED when they come back with a worm in their beak and you're standing over the nest with a camera.

Went to garage sales today, Friday garage sales are always best. Found a stand for $4.00 for us to put the unity candle on! This sure solved a HUGE problem. We sort of changed the set up for when we got married so no longer did I have an alter... we're getting married in front of a fireplace. So I had to figure out where to put the unity candle. Funny how whenever I have a need, God finds a way to get it to me, and at a reasonable price too.

I'm going to put a flower arrangement on it after I spraypaint it my favorite color - silver (well, favorite behind pink). Anyway, I have realized how much I LOVE to arrange flowers. I might consider applying at some flower shops for a job. Pay would probably suck LOL. I'm actually kinda good at it if I do say so myself, they are certainly better than my flowers the first time around (I did those too lol).

Please notate my bumper crop of dandelions. I have decided we're going to take our 2 acres of yellow goodness and make dandelion wine as favors for all of our guests. Yay dandelion wine!


*just wondering if Carol thinks I'm serious or not* ;)
We'll see I guess.

Embrace the dandelion!

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