Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy National Scrapbook day!

To celebrate this monumental occasion, I did not scrapbook. :p Yet.

I probably will do something this evening... take a break from wedding stuff and sit and make a page... not about wedding stuff!

Today, we got up bright and early and hit garage sale day (city wide). Our mission was to get tanner his loft and/or bunk bed set he's been harassing - wanting for quite some time. Well first stop we were there before they opened the doors... along with 20 other ppl. everyone wanted it. We didn't get it.

Second stop, we missed it by like, oh... 30 seconds. wish we hadn't stopped at one on the way.

Finally, we gave up and then tanner spotted a third set about an hour later. Score!

This was my good find:

Have I mentioned that vintage tableclothes/napkins are on my 'good things' list? I love the hand stitching and love when they are starched. I think I have a collection. I didn't *intend* to collect them, but there they are.

I love little old lady garage sales, they are my favorite. They always have this cute kitchy decorations - and most of the time they just want to make room so they practically gave the stuff away. I had to pay more than I wanted for the 3 sets of tablecloths, which Gene wasn't excited about, but I maintain that it's cheaper than Crown Royal, and I have something to actually show for it... besides the spotted liver :p

I also got a FREE pair of cowboy boots. I've been finding them at garage sales for a couple years and cutting the tops off of them. I'm going to make a cool mirror like one I saw at Cavendars. Very awesome, and very not for sale. I'll share pictures someday.... when I get about 12 more pair of boots. LOL.

Gene got nothing. I think for him it's the thrill of the chase. I was surprised the only thing he found interesting was a set of civil war general prints. So very much not my thing... but it's ok if he likes them. But they were too rich for his blood.

On the raccoon front, well, we still have them... I've been trying the live trap and having no luck except for the 2 stray cats we caught. *note to self- cat food is great for catching CATS*

Raccoons really stink. I wish I'd figured out sooner that mice don't stink nearly as bad as raccoons. We kept thinking that the raccoon smell was mice and was about to banish the mice. Well, the mice hardly smell at all!

What a mess. Tons of research and I just can get her to go away (she had a litter under the house). If we can catch mama, the babies will be easy (with a leather glove mind you).

Raccoons are NOT CUTE. I hate raccoons!

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