Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Catching up!

It's been crazy. I knew it would be.... months ago, I knew October would be the craziest month of the year, and so far that has held true for me.

So, I'm going to give you the super quickie update with some info at the bottom.

  1. The bridal show was a success. Did I tell you I was doing the bridal show again? I think I did. See how swiss cheese my head has been lately? Anyway, I was printing stuff the night before, still working on it that morning, but I got it done! I booked one bride, and have a feeling I may have a good lead on a couple more.
  2. I've had so many shoots the past couple weeks, I can't even remember who all I shot. I also had to reschedule one couple FOUR TIMES due to craptacular weather.
  3. We're unofficially car shopping. It's just *time* Not that my car isn't running great, I just don't want to depend on it. Tanner keeps eyeballing my neon. I'm so attached to it, I don't know if I could let him have it or not. I gave up on the idea of a Chrysler 300 after my friend Jim said they had front end problems. *sad face* Then we had a *heated discussion* over the Dodge Challenger. I won.
  4. Taxes are done! Yes, I know what the calendar says. Hello!? Extension
  5. When I'm not working on photos, or shooting pics, I've been making apple butter. No seriously! I made 48 pints, 13 half pints, and 3 quarts!! (cuz I ran out of pints lol). Uh... want some apple butter. OMG it's awesome good!
  6. We've haven't given up on antiquing, although I've not had time to add anything to my etsy, I'm thinking ahead to the winter when I'm twiddling my thumbs.
  7. I will have a couple giveaways soon!
  8. Tanner is selling wreaths and garland (they smell so yummy!) for band again this year. This will help fund his future trips including (hopefully) his trip to Washington DC next year! If you are wanting to decorate your house for the holidays, and would like to support the band (what tanner sells goes into his band account specifically) please email me! He will be selling them until November 4, and they will be delivered the week of Nov 22.
  9. This weekend, I'm going on a trip with mom, and my 3 sisters and my niece. I'm wondering who's gonna come out alive.... I predict this order: Mom, Me, Amber, Chris, Tayen, Torrie. Sorry Torrie, I think we can take ya.

We're all going to Branson for the weekend and I'm not quite sure WHAT to think. Mom is really excited, and wants to go on a trip with her girls. We went many times as a child, and NEVER have all of us kids went together (usually it was us older kids, or the younger ones). We always went in the fall to the craft festival at Silver Dollar City and I have a lot of fond memories there! I am sure I'll have more.

I'll be taking my camera... duh.. and my laptop (rock the heck on!) and so I'm planning on catching up on some blogging. You know what's funny, I'd be so happy sitting in the hotel for 4 days just blogging and working on pics.

I'm so screwed up. :)

shut up in the cheap seats.

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