Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm a Pi-ran-ha!

{name that movie!}


This was my kid. Yep. He's not my kid anymore. (trust me there are days....)

Then on Monday, something tramatic happened. Now, not everything tramatic is bad. He just happened to get a bunch of metal ripped out of his mouth!


You see, 3.25 years ago, this poor kid has some serious teeth issues. Let's just say, there was a "kicking incident" and I'm still kinda mad at his big brother. However, it made for cute no front teeth pics for like 2 years.

So his dad and I made the investment equal to a decent used car and instead, put it into his mouth.


It was so worth it!

He did so well, not once did he eat popcorn, sugared gum, taffy, caramel apples (or a regular apple for that matter), corn on the cob and lots more. So I made it my mission to get him all those things on our trip to Branson. Ironically, before I gave him the taffy, he mentioned I should have bought a pound of taffy!

Wish granted.

Then we had popcorn, and corn on the cob for supper, and a big fat caramel apple.

Oh, then I threatened his life. Get in a bar fight and bust a tooth? I'm gonna want a DAMN NICE used car!

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