Monday, October 12, 2009

Stuff that Rocks - Pomplamoose

I'm not much of a music person. No idea why considering that I was in choir and swing choir throughout high school... I NEVER listen to music on purpose. A friend of mine has been dragging me onto youtube on a daily basis and I found this awesome couple that you MUST HEAR. Pomplamoose Music (Grapefruit in french). They create some really cool remakes of songs, by themselves, laying their voices and instruments until they sound like a band.

This is "all the single ladies" which is a remake of Beyonce. Honestly, I love this version so much more! That's saying a lot considering I hear this song at EVERY SINGLE WEDDING. *eyeroll*

Brides. Play this version instead.
I'm just saying.

To see more of their music visit their channel on youtube. You must listen to September by Earth Wind and Fire :)

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