Saturday, October 31, 2009

I know it's Halloween, so let's talk about Christmas!

Last night, Tanner had a band party. I think personally, it's the parents that should have gotten together and partied, after all, we no longer have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to get our little green marching band headed down the road.

Maybe they were celebrating that they didn't have to see me any more, with dreary eyes, a floppy pony tail and pajamas.

Did I ever mention I'm not a morning person?
Yeah that.

So anyway, we dropped Tanner off at his party, and like most good parents, we seized that opportunity to eat out. Yeah, we're cool like that.

On the way there, I spot a sign "Antique Festival, Sat 9-5".
Uh.. yeah, we're so there.

So this morning, we got up, headed out to see what interesting goodies we'd find and it was actually pretty good considering it wasn't huge. Of the dozen or so booths, I really spent a lot of time in about 3-4 of them.

I wanted to share my goodtacular finds!


2 dozen tart pans, in the orignal box for $3.00 I have an overwhelming urge to invite the bridge club over and serve lots of little tart goodness. Anyone know a bridge club? I don't have enough friends to have one. Or know how to play bridge.


This phone just makes me so happy. No idea why. I had a plastic one like this when I was a kid, played with it every time we played house. I love that it's red, and old, and would look awesome not only in my scrapbook room (it's my direct line to the president you know) or under my vintage tree full of shiny brites and other antique toys. Yeah I was in. I won't tell you how much I paid. :p OK, I won't tell my husband how much I paid.

It wasn't bad.

Not sure he'd agree. lol


Now if you know my man, you know he likes a fine whiskey. I couldn't resist this tiny lil' jug o whiskey. No idea if it's real or some touristy junk thing, but it was cute, and now it's in my kitchen ... with some real whiskey... but not in it.


yes. I bought little ppl.
Something compelled me.

Maybe it was because they looked so lonely in their lil' ziploc bag.

Or possibly it was because it brought a flood of happy childhood memories, building towns with my BFF TJ on the floor of her bedroom with our Little People sets.

Or maybe it was because they are hard to find and I can totally sell them on ebay.

Yeah. One of those.

Now, I have to preface the following pics with this statement:
I have a vintage christmas obsession.

an "illness", may more aptly describe it.

It started with some shiny brite ornaments, because they made me think of my childhood. Now, I have around 300 of them, and a tree devoted to nothing but shiny brites.

It went down hill from there. Soon I had bought a set of vintage elves at a garage sale for a quarter, and then realized they went with nothing I owned, so I bough some vintage looking trees, and a sled, and blah blah blah.. before you knew it, anything "new" was sold or donated, and everything vintage moved in.

It's like Christmas in 1942 in my house.

Only with ipods and flat screens.

OK, no flat screens, but Gene can dream can't he?


If I buy it, it has to look like it came from 1940-1975 Somewhere in there.

And I have a huge crush on deer... and celluloid. But mostly white celluloid deer. It's a sickness really.




Oh and what started it all! A box of shiny brites.

Aren't they just... shiny.... and uh.. brite?
I admired a box, and he came down on his price 25%. Just cuz I looked. Yeah I'm feeling it.


And 2 other pretties. Technically, these are from a couple weekends ago, but I felt it necessary to share.


I really love the unusual ones, and this one qualified for sure. I'm sure Stacy, Jim and Gene all three would vote "creepy as hell", however, that just sells it harder for me.

I'm weird like that.

Shut up.
no really.

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happydays525 said...

Wow, love all of your finds and I would have totally gotten those little people too! =)

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