Saturday, October 31, 2009

Poor lost and lonely Puddy


Poor Mack. He's been insane lately. Well, more insane than his USUAL insanity. "Normally" his a pretty odd bird anyway, but this summer, he caught some fleas and he's not been the same! It was so wet, that fleas got bad, and we finally got them kicked out of the house, but Mack was left in the wake of flea meds, a trip to the vet, and 3 baths. Two of which, we did ourselves.

Giving a cat a bath, is about as fun as holding a cat while vacuuming. It's right up there in my top 300,352 things to do.

He, however, has succumbed to the event and no longer fights.
Kinda like the gym...
and taxes.


Poor Puddy.

He's been randomly rolling around on his back, chewing at his leg like he does whenever you touch his back. His back is very sensitive. He seems most happy when he's chewing on himself, *right next to me*


So today, I picked him up, inspected him to see if something was rooting around in there, and saw nothing. Then noted that he had a huge chunk of fur off his leg from the chewing. Off he went to the sink.

It's not his happy place.

In the end, he got all clean, at the moment he's not chewing his own leg off. (I know that feeling, I saw "Magnolia" with Tom Cruise, and man, I really wanted to chew my leg off too).

Before you know it, Mack will be nudging the shampoo up next to my feet and looking up with longing eyes, begging for his bi-weekly bath. But I'm not holding my breath.

In other news, it's been 4 hours, and Mack is almost dry, and so is my clothes.

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