Sunday, October 4, 2009

RAK = Random Act of Kindness


It's been a while since I gave anything away. I was doing some reorganization of my scrapbook room (which will never ever never ever end!!) and decided I don't use my eyelets enough. Why? Because I have glass top table and I'm too scared to set an eyelet on them. Oh, and I don't have one of those fancy cropadiles so I don't pound with a hammer.

So anyway, I did something that a few years ago, would have made me gasp with disgust.. I mixed together the ones I wanted to keep in one jar!! I have a little project I'm going to share with the organizer later.

So anyway, I decided to part with about 80% of my "collection" (I'm gonna guess well over 1000), and that includes lots of shapes hearts, pumpkins, ghosts, stars, bunnies and eggs, but the cutest is the snowman!), eyelet snaps, regular 1/8" eyelets in every single color, micro eyelets galore.

Only thing you have to do to get them, is just let me know that yourself, or you and your friends will use them. If you want, you can even put them in a pretty jar (or 7) and give them to your scrapping girlfriends as Christmas presents. I won't tell! So those of you out there with a cropadile, that makes punching lives easier, are fixing to get a treat!

I'll pick one person on Wednesday! Enter only once, and be sure to leave a place I can get ahold of you (like your blog or an email).

Oh, and if you don't have a setter, just let me know, I probably can scare up an old school setter (that you use with a hammer!) for you.


Rosemary said...

I would love to be entered into your RAK. How nice of you!
Found your blog from the peas and I have you bookmarked so I can come everyday!

Sandra Perdomo said...

Hi , thanks for the opportunity to win this RAK I love eyelet use em all the time for tags in my mini albums , so this will be great , my blog is

Rhonda Mozingo said...

Oh eyelets and I are best buds. I love to use them on everything and now that I purchased a crop-a-dile, its so much easier. So of course if I went your little package of goodies, they would be so welcome into my scraproom and loved as if they were my own. And snowmen, are my favorite, love them, collect them and make so many snowmen goodies, so those little brads would have a place of honor. Thanks for the 2 peas invite to visit your blog, I will be back.

lynn said...

how very nice of you to do this.. :)i have both crop o diles, but hardly any eyelets. i found your blog through your two peas post as well.. :)i am in canada, so i know that doesn't always work for things like this. have a wonderful day, and thank you :)

Ahauna said...

Thanks for doing the RAK. I would like to enter - I have been trying to do 2 layouts a day so your RAK would certainly go to good use.

primitivehouse @ aol dot com

Jenn said...

WOW...what a treasure! I would LOVE to win this RAK..thanks for the opportunity! I found your blog through Two Peas too...It's wonderful! Thanks again!

ceedeedee said...

If I won this RAK I would share them with my sister in law. She makes albums for make-a-wish kids, and I go to the make-a-wish crop weekend fundraiser with her.

Jen Adkins said...

Saw you post on 2Peas. I love eyelets, especially to attach vellum to my cards and pages. Off to look around your blog now!

janetk said...

wow- what a nice thing to do.
would love to be in the running for your off to snoop around your blog- your pictures are AMAZING...

Maggie said...

Your blog rocks! I would love to be entered in your RAK!

Sande said...

I would love to win your RAK eyelets. I just started using them and only have a few...I think only black so winning would really help with my scrapbooking/card making.

Stumbled upon your blog via TwoPeas...I was reading your recipes.

Great blog.

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