Monday, October 26, 2009

Bridal Fair Report


I haven't had a chance yet, to update you on how the bridal fair went. This was the second time I did the show, and I was really impressed by how many people showed up this year. Last year, there was a fair amount of brides, and this year, it seemed like there were many more. I gave out a lot more brochures than last year, I almost ran out!!

It was pretty busy, and at points you couldn't even get in my booth!


Gene came along to help, and so did Tanner:


It's a where's waldo kinda photo.

Each year, they put on a fashion runway show of latest dresses. These dresses are supplied by the lovely Shannon Renee's in Maryville. I have shot a couple weddings with dresses from Shannon's and they are really beautiful! Please be sure to check them out if you are looking for formal wear.


This dress was one of my favorites, maybe it's because I wore a great big red, white and blue dress. LOL. Just a guess!


Look at all those beautiful buttons up the back!!

And now for the best/most unusual fall color combination ever!


Aubergine and orange! Oh so pretty. If I were getting married in the fall, I'd SO DO THIS!

And here's something you almost never see at bridal fashion runway shows!.....


A cowboy!!
(for the lovely readers that don't know, and that have just joined us, that's my hubs)

That's not something you see every day.

There were a ton of other great booths. I did want to send a shout out to some cool vendors whose info I gathered up to share.

Marriott Party Decorations and Catering.
They had a beautiful and TASTY chocolate cake there. Highly impressed!
3201 Oak Ave
Braddyville, IA



Mobile DJ
Tony Haist
I've shot several weddings where one of Tony's DJ systems was there (he has 5!), and they do such an awesome job!


If you are looking for an unusual venue to hold your wedding AND/OR reception, you have to see Paradise Park in Oregon. It's so pretty! You don't have to have a wedding there either, what an awesome spot for a family reunion or a christmas party. They are not that far from Kansas City!

In the center of the park, is a 100 year old barn, and it's surrounded by beautiful landscaping, artwork and even an indoor pond.

OK, I'm thinking paradise park, with purple and orange in the fall. yep. Think I can talk my husband into another wedding?

Paradise Park
Roderick Dryden owner
Oregon, MO


Of course, Spectacular Settings was there again. She does awesome decorating, and I swear, she has half the weddings I shoot! cool arches, greenery, tablescapes. You need Teresa!

Spectacular Settings
Teresa Hayes

Of course there were many others there that deserve recognition, I just didn't get everyone's cards as I was so busy!!

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