Friday, October 23, 2009

Wish you were here


Well, we made it!! We only tried to kill each other 9 times! woot! Mom rented a mini van, and we are filled to capacity. Can you imagine the luggage for 5 women and a baby? Yeah, like that, only with moon pies and a case of diet pepsi.

Amber and I called the back seat. Mainly cuz when Tayen had a fit, I didn't want her screaming at the back of my head. I'm selfish like that. In the end, she was good as gold. It's cute how she says "oewwww" with her binky in her mouth. Sometimes with her hands raised and a tilted head like "what?"

She's not nearly the brat her mom was. I can confirm this since I was changing her mom's diaper when she was her age.

We did what we could to entertain ourselves, and Tayen. She was most interested in this "ladybug" (ie: stinky japanese beetle) that hitched a ride all the way from KC.



We had to stop a few times, mainly cuz mom has a bladder the size of a kidney bean (yes, that pun was indeed intended).

We stopped at Osceola cheese. Yep, no trip down south can happen without a stop to tank up on cheese.

This is what we can only refer to as the "unfortunate cheese incident of 2009"


Identities have been concealed to protect the guilty.
Trust me, you're glad you missed it.

Amber and I hit a scrapbook store here in Branson. It was full of awesome. Everyone else bellyached about the wait. That part was awesome too!

We hit apple tree mall, which is a craft mall that has been her FOREVER. Huge. Yeah, I wanna die, and my foot is aching. I have a feeling I'm gonna be the gimp on the scooter at silver dollar city. I might have to hit a shoe store and find the BEST SHOES EVER before we go.

Or walmart.

Which is really my speed.

More tomorrow I'm sure. I wanted to post a couple times today, but Amber missed Greys anatomy tonight and wanted to watch on my computer (it wasn't on!) I didn't wanna cross her. She's mean when she misses GA!

Dude. Srsly.

PS. Amber, please don't beat me. I'm your favorite sister remember!? Hello? Helloooooo!?

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