Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What I did on my "summer" (har) vacation

I promise to give you a few posts on all the fun had in Branson. I'm a bad blogger. Forgive me! I've had so much stuff to catch up on, blogging has been put on a back burner. No worries, I have about 27 ideas for posts planned.

On our way to Branson, Amber and I talked about getting sister tattoos. What those would be, we didn't know. Somewhere about an hour later, we announced we ALL needed to get tattoos.

Everyone but Amber and me moaned.

Only 24 hours, some prodding, a grandma that will babysit while her kids go out scanning the streets for tattoo parlors.... and we were set.

A couple stops, and we ended up at Missouri Tattoo Company with a couple of talented guys working. At first, we were all just going to get our own things... then for some reason, I said "we should get the Harley Davidson 1 logo!" No idea why, divine intervention? Who knows. But Dad had a Harley, with a custom painted tank and with the 1.

Chris then said, "I want a Daisy on mine" and then we realized that we should all personalize what we wanted.

Chris went first... with some chanting. Chris!Chris!Chris! Heh.
This was Chris' first tattoo and even if everyone else chickened out, Chris would have hers! She didn't like that theory, but she still went first.



This is Jim, more on him in a bit.


This is Chris' completed tattoo. He loves me, he loves me not. I could make lots of psychoanalytical statements about that, but I'll just say, it's cute, it rocks, and it's totally Chris.

Amber went next.



She seemed to have the hardest time with it. In this spot, it barely bothered me, but on Amber, she was shaking like she was cold and said it hurt like hell. But dude, it was awesome!


A pair of hair shears cutting the 1.

Aw crap. it's my turn!



Being the photographer, I have the least amount of photos of ME. lol.


I've been wanting a swallow ever since we were married. Swallows mate for life and there just happened to be swallows in the rafters above us as we got married!

Apologies for the iffy pic, and dry skin. Mine was taking today, in the bathroom, backwards, in a tiny mirror.

Yes, you're right, I do rock.

Next up, Torrie....


This is Mikey. He's patient. Kinda.
He had to be....

poor guy got Torrie.

Love you Torrie, you're awesome cute, but damn girl, you gotta drink more beer and lighten up.

7 changes later, and one popped artery in sweet Mikey's forehead, Torrie got a tattoo updated that she already had. She had the one, 2 banners, some flowers, Tayen and Dad and 1 for 1 added. (Dad died not long after Tayen was born).



It turned out very pretty!

We made it back to the hotel around 2 a.m. They really hated us I'm sure. We warned them we were coming back, and I'm sure they had to flip a coin for mom. *we warned them*

The next day, we went to Silver Dollar City, and didn't go back to the room, we went straight back to the tattoo place for mom's tattoo.


She got it in one of the suckiest (painful) spots ever. Center back. yeow.

Yeah I'll pass.


This is Mikey.
He is awesome talented. And patient. Did I mention patient?
We love you Mikey


This is Jim Peters. He's a riot.


I admit, he's a little rough around the edges. However, he reveled us with stories about Sailor Jerry (i'm a huge fan!), Ed Hardy (which I'm not a huge fan), famous ppl he knows, hung with, tattooed... etc. He also shared some "interesting former jobs" and relationship stories. Soon he's going back to Hawaii. Trying to figure out why his wife WANTS to stay in Missouri.


I really need to get in touch with Mrs Peters and smack her upside the head.

We ended up really loving everything we got, made it our own, honored our Dad, and bonded all at the same time.

All we have left to do, is to hold down our brother and then we're an official tribe.

Rusty nail anyone?


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