Monday, October 5, 2009


Saturday, was my mom-in-law's fifty-nine-eleventy birthday!

Hell yeah, those exist!! I'm twenty-nine-eleventy thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, I get a call from this girl on Friday afternoon:


This is my sis-in-law Laura. She's married to the brother that doesn't eat pork. Really. It was so sweet of her to take on someone so deformed.

The message with something like this. "Hey Lana, I was wondering if you guys were coming down Saturday. It's mom's birthday, and I had an idea. I was thinking we should all go out for a girl's day because she's never went before. I could get her a gift certificate, but if you don't TAKE HER, she won't go, and you'll get it back at the end of the year."

I nod.

Yeah Carol, we're onto your end game.

Then I said "Yes please" and "Game on weiners!"

So Saturday morning we trudge down to Olathe. I say trudge because it's really one of my lesser favorite car rides. My least favorite is St. Louis... which I've not been there in 5 years. Sorry St. Louis, you have a lovely arch, and an awesome waterfront, but somewhere between Columbia and St. Charles, I'm fantasizing about playing russian roulette only with 6 bullets instead of 5.

Just sayin.

Once you GET to Olathe it's great tho! It's just that Riverside to Olathe part that makes me wanna hurl. Probably because I did it EVERY DAY for like 5 weeks after our glass shop moved from... Riverside to Olathe.

Yeah I'm still bitter.

So back to Saturday, we visit the in-laws for a while, have some pizza and then while the men paint the house AND babysit the children including an infant.. (that's really the *best part* of the story), Laura, Carol and I went to a spa in Gardner. We told them we were there for Carol's full body wax.

She wasn't game.

We sent Carol off for a manicure, and discussed the "menu" of items.

Now, for the record, I get my nails done here. I kinda felt like I was cheating on my peeps. They treat me right, however, I think they'll forgive me, if I don't wear flip flops into the nail spa, because I ended up with a pedicure as did Laura.


Carol had her first manicure, and I suspect, we might have her hooked. Feels good to just sit there and have someone else take care of your hands whilst you just stare off into nothingness and wonder if someone will make you dinner.

Then sadly, you crash back into reality.


Laura got the pedicure with the sea salt rub and all the hot oils and stuff. I was annoyed because I thought that's what I was getting but mine was just the basics.


Come back, rub my feet too!
Actually, don't! I about came out of my chair when she started in with the pumice stone. Stop stop! I'll take the calluses Please don't torture me!!


I got the french tips.
Gene says "2 thumbs up" and then requested to see my toes 14 times on the way home.

I'll keep that tidbit of information just filed away for next summer.
Heck! I'll have to wear actual SHOES soon, maybe that polish will still be there next summer! lol.

We also held Carol against her will, and made her get a back rub. You see, they were having their grand re-opening by co-inkydink, and had some specials on. So while we were getting our toes pampered, Carol moves into "the chair" for a 10 min back rub.

Yes I was jealous.


Something you should notice about this photo, is that I was required to crop out the MIL's butt. Sorry Carol, now everyone is trying to see your butt. I considered a big "CENSORED" button, or possibly an "As Seen On TV" logo (which I'm sure she would not fine nearly as hilarious as me).

Instead, I opted to be the girl she allows to love her baby boy, and cropped her butt out completely.

And for the record her butt looked FINE. She just is the typical girl, and doesn't want ppl to actually LOOK AT HER BUTT.

You, however, are welcome to draw a butt on her if you must know. You can use the dust collected on your monitor or a post-it. Whichever would make you giggle a little more.

Just think of it as a belated Birthday gift to my Mominlaw. Let me send you a BIG THANKS for her. I know she appreciates it ;)

PS. She emailed me today, to say she won the beautiful purse they gave away! Wha? I think she stacked the deck or pull out the "ohh.. it's my birthday, I'm so sad card."

Man. she owes me big.

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LollyChops said...

What a super day! I love a good spa day but I cannot drag my mom to one. She does not like people touching her feets. I know there are other things there but the feets is where it's at really. I don't get it.

...and your bro does not eat pork and she married him anyway? Amazing woman. Seriously. hehe. kidding. HUGS and thanks for dropping by my place today!

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