Thursday, December 9, 2010

10 reasons not to get chickens

ETA: I see a lot of people reaching my site by googling "reasons not to get a chicken" which makes me kind of sad. Keep in mind that my "advice" here is meant as a joke.

I can think of a lot of reasons why you should have a chicken, so be sure to look into that too.

  1. You will get poop on your hand. On. your. hand.
  2. You'll carry water in the winter - twice a day.
  3. You will sweep poop off of your deck daily.
  4. You will get really tired of eggs, and run out of recipes.
  5. You will track poop into your house on your shoes and find it under your desk.
  6. You will get pecked, and if you're lucky, by a rooster on the back of your calf.
  7. Your friends and family will give you empty egg cartons for Christmas, and you will be happy about it.
  8. You will be shocked that chickens can poop more than a small dog.
  9. You will have a garden that grows great from all the chicken poop, but then the chickens will eat everything you grow.
  10. You will spend in chicken feed annually what is equal to a crappy used car for your kid.
Bonus #11! A chicken will poop down your favorite white shirt when you pick them up.
Other than that, they are loads of fun. Buy 10, 11 or 21!
PS. 21 chickens for sale.
(not really)


Flat Creek Farm said...

So true, but we love them for all of that, and more ... don't we? ;) Very cute post and pic! -T

Jessie K said...

This is why mom had us kids sweat like hogs and build an acre pen for them.... Or maybe it was my dad that did the sweating and the reason the pen was built was so the dogs wouldn't chase them... Whatever the reason, ours were kept in a very large pen. :)

LisaDay said...

Ha, ha, ha. Sorry to hear about your shirt, your hand and your calf. I was concerned when I read your header. I wondered what had happened.


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