Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas recap - by bullet points


  • I'm pretty happy Christmas is over. Bah Humbug. Sorry
  • Everyone is wearing warm stuff because it's really cold. Our furnace said it's final good-byes 2 days before Christmas.
  • White Christmas, but still travelable (not a word) - 2 thumbs up
  • I was really happy to finally unwrap that huge gift that'd been clogging up my living room for a whole month. It was a new office chair. I'm not sure I'm keeping it honestly. Sorry dear.
  • Gene also bought me a Sony Ereader, and I've downloaded a bunch of classic books. I also got a big fat 1TB external drive for my puter. It'll take me minutes upon minutes to fill it. Tanner bought me a ereader cover and some stainless measuring cups (I asked for them -they are nice), Seth got me a yummy candle and a pink snuggie.
  • Love my Cindy Lou Who hair?
  • I bought Gene several little things like new business cards, a jeweler's loupe and a tool bag, but his "big gift" was a weekend in Downtown KC at a super nice hotel, and also dinner for 2 at a traditional Brazilian place. All meat. No lie, how could you beat that.
  • He was informed he can't use it as my Valentine's gift. He's been warned. That was his only and final warning.
  • Tanner got a new TV. Seth got a bedroom set to keep him warm because he is a goon and insists on sleeping in the coldest room in his house. I don't feel bad for him.


  • Christmas eve at the in-laws with a bunch of outlaws.
  • There was a herd of people there that we haven't seen in a long while.
  • Having said that, I don't get to see much of any of them anyway.
  • Got to see the new baby Susan, and give her the blanket I started crocheting in like, March. I suspect this is where I might have aquired my newly found cold since she has a runny nose, and I was kissing her on her nose just prior to this.
  • I realized the only pic I got of her sister, was of her kicking mom. Not cool.
  • Gene's son and grandbabies drove 11 hours (well, longer) to get her from Colorado. Too much driving, not enough visiting.
  • Celebrated Chey's 12th Birthday which was 4 days earlier
  • I got a lovely handmade fabric basket/bowl from my SIL Becky, and Gene got a DAMN HELICOPTER. Sigh. I had told him no helicopters this year. Apparently David didn't get this memo.
  • Way too much wrapping paper. Not enough leg room. Gene needed earplugs.


  • Worst. photographer. auntie. ever.
  • I took a total of 3 photos at my mom's. Took more photos later of my sister's dog than the whole day. Weird.
  • Tayen made beautiful gingerbread girls. Gene's been dying to eat her.
  • We played dirty santa, but no one was really dirty, and well, 3 of the 4 men there came from my house so it was fairly tame.
  • My BIL (cole, pictured) offered up the pipe we needed for the temp furnace. He's an HVAC guy and well, fairly awesome.
  • I now have heat. My house is actually warmer than it was before. This does not translate into ventless gas heaters as being a permanent solution.

Despite feeling like a stuffed up pile of dog doo, I spent my Monday cleaning the house (because I was about to go INSANE), recyling, tossing, organzing and making a pile of boxes, cartons and bins to go back to storage full of Christmas stuff. Mostly things that never got put out to start with. I even have 2 bins of halloween stuff that will probably magically disappear since I've not put out stuff for years. Oh, and then there's boxes of tax papers. I'm putting it all on the trailer and taking it at once! That should be a treat for the eyes.

I think I just realized I'm as grumpy as I sound.

Humbug I say!

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