Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday Sparks - Photoshop madness

no time like snow time!

A couple years ago, maybe even longer, I was poking around Explore on Flickr looking for something inspiring. I happened to find it too! I ran across a photographer that I was amazed with his work.

His name is Aaron Nace and he rocks the photoshop!

I started following his self portraits and over time you can see him developing his skills at lighting and photoshop. This got me to thinking how this would be an interesting twist on senior portraits - showing more of a young adults personality, and less of them sitting next to a stream or a rock wall.

Big Enough

This photo actually inspired a couple senior photos of Bekah this year.


He'll use multiple photos and seemlessly stitch them together creating "things that would never happen" photographs.


The Return Home


He's also a master at the strobe light, which I've decided I will have to master myself this year!


LisaDay said...

Fun, particularly the lighter one.


Tracy said...

OMG these are awesome.
I so have to pass this on to my daughter.
Thanks for visiting my blog, I missed you.

gowestferalwoman said...

Hes taken digitial photography to a new level, which is great!

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