Friday, December 24, 2010

12 Days of Better Christmas Photography - Day 11 - Before and After


{Sorry about the double day! Somehow I missed a day in there somewhere! I meant to be done on Christmas eve, so we'll have a double day today!}

There's always a little bit of fun and magic in before and after photos. Of course, the before and after in weight loss is always a favorite, or maybe before and after a haircut. However, before and after a divorce is probably not so "magical".

Try to capture some before and afters this year!
  1. Before and after a snowfall. Pick a spot and photograph it before the snow comes and then stand in the same spot again. Make some fun of it and stand in that spot all four seasons.
  2. Before and after opening the gifts. I ALWAYS get a photo of the tree with all it's gifts packed under it, but sometimes I forget to get a photo of the paper, box and unwrapping chaos
  3. Before and after decorating (or undecorating) the tree.
  4. Before and after Christmas dinner. The beautiful meal laid out before, and the sky high pile of dishes after.
  5. Before and after - the look of your kids faces as they wake up, and then see the presents.

I'm sure you can probably think of a hundred more before and after shots, that would be loads of fun displayed next to each other in your albums!

I hope you are enjoying the 12 Days of Better Christmas Photography series, next, we will talk about probably the most important tip of all!

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