Monday, December 6, 2010

Before and Afters - Finding some old pics

I'm working on an album for Christmas and realized I needed some pics, which for the record, were on my external drive - which was still hooked up to my old computer. So after being on my hands and my knees under my desk, and my husband commenting on the hole in my pajamas while I did it, cussing that I had to get back out to find a flashlight, finally getting them hooked up, crossing my fingers hoping that nothing would be lost when I hooked it up to the new computer, seeing a spark (literally) and gasping. Well, eureka! I still had 3 years of old photos! (don't worry, they are backed up to dvd).

The down side to exploring all your old photos, is knowing that your photography and processing skills have gotten 900 times better in the past couple years. It's hard not to "touch" them all.

Post Processing before and after

SOOC was better than average. Cheyenne is Gene's oldest grand"baby" and I just asked her to sit and I shot. The wind was blowing wildly, and while most people don't love the wind blown look, I do.

However, the shot was underexposed slightly and like most of my shots, too blue. I processed it a couple times to make it look like normal color balance, but in the process of one bit I wanted to add, this photo just "happened".

Processing: adjusting levels, curves, boost contrast and PW's "vintage" action.

girl with sepia tone

Feels like a photo from the great depression. Only happier... which is what I'm trying to be lately.

In related news, I've been thinking a lot lately about photography, which is probably good considering it's my job and all. ;P A few weeks ago, I posted something kind of sad, about how someone told me I was "nothing special" and I realized that it upset me so much, not because it hurt my feelings, but because I believed them.

A few days later I got really mad. You won't like me when I'm mad.

So I set out on a mission to prove them wrong and in the process, a few good things happened. My photos got better, I grew a little more confident and something big happened that I've been dying to share, but I CAN'T until the news is released, which I'm hoping is this week. *cross fingers*

Saturday, Gene and I went and did a little Christmas shopping in town, it was a lazy unplanned Saturday and so we hit all the available stores. Which for the record is a grand total of like, three, in this little town. I started doing some math in my head and realized that in 2 days, I'd been stopped no less than 5 times to talk about my photography.

It was then that it hit me, that I might not be a "rock star" photographer, but to my town, I'm a "rock star photographer" (heavy emphasis on the quote marks) and since I'm servicing this town, and not Egypt where "that photographer" services then that's what really matters most in my opinion.

To him, who probably should be kicked in the hindquarters for being mean to tenderhearted girls from the Midwest, I say "Pfffftpppbbbt".


LisaDay said...

Good for you. I think your photography is amazing. You are a rock star, here, too.


gowestferalwoman said...

Remember, it reflects more on who the person is who beats others down then the person they are beating down on.

plus theyre wrong.

krys kirkpatrick said...

That looks great. Still trying to learn photoshop elements....everyday is a new learning curve. Happy Jolly Winter to you.

erinlou said...

it's cool to go back and see how we've grown!

i remember you saying you like vintage ornaments last year...have you been to kat and co in st joe yet? i have seen some AMAZING ornaments for really good prices there!

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