Friday, December 10, 2010

Favorite photos.

I have a secret

I was thinking today, about my favorite photos, and this photo always comes to mind. *always* Technically, it's not perfect. I took it at the wrong time of the day, I blew out the sky and my apeture was too narrow IMO, but I still love it.


Well for starters, that's Seth and Tanner. The one on the left is now 21 years old, and the one on the right is 16. I think this was around 10 years ago. I was driving along, south of our town and saw something I had never noticed before, the coolest old run down barn in the middle of a soybean field.

I went out on the interwebz and bought 2 pair of overalls. (I still have them!) I took the kids to the barn one Saturday afternoon and took several rolls of film. For this photo, I pulled a little trick. I stood so I could get everything in frame, positioned the boys and then told Tanner to look down at the ground, and for Seth to whisper a secret to him.

The result? One of my favorite, most sweetest pics of all time.

Now why can't I get them to be sweet the rest of their lives?

PS, here are a few more photos from that same shoot, on film, 10 years ago!

Seth and Tanner Barn door

Seth - circa 2002

Seth barn

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gowestferalwoman said...

Ah to have a mom who is a pro photographer :) - they may have felt a little funny being models through the years - but their kids are going to thank you big time one day!

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