Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I still hate you snow... pretty much... sorta most of the time.

This winter thing STILL has me bitter. Cold and bitter.

Pun intended.

Last winter was horrible. Yes, I'm still complaining about it. It was horrific and long and horrific. Did I mention horriffic?
and long?

Well, you get the point. It help solidify my plans of someday moving to Florida and playing shuffleboard. *I get it* now.

However, there's one thing that winter has over alllll the other seasons. It sparkles.


And frankly, what girl doesn't love sparkly stuff. I love that fresh fluffy snow, and driving along seeing all the snow shine and sparkle at me as we move by.

Sunday, we drove to my mother's for Christmas get together, and I noticed that the snow was so light, it was landing perfectly on the trees. It was very magical. Gene offered to let me pull over and take a pic, but I turned it down.

I later regretted that because it was SO light and fluffy that it was gone a few hours later.

Imagine my surprise when yesterday, it came to me, right to my front yard. It was very nice of Jack Frost to do that for me... or Mother Nature.... or both. Meant I could take piccies outside in my jammies.

{There's a reason why I catch colds.}





{Yes, my chickens have their own mailbox. The never get anything good tho, just junk mail}


So winter, I appreciate that you've been relatively easy on me this year. I accept your apologies. However, I'm a woman and we don't soon forget misgivings and abuses so I will keep a very close eye on you!

**Now, for the first time in months (years?) I'm going to bed really early. I feel like doo times infinity. My ears have been ringing since like noon. Not cool.


Tracy said...

I am glad that Mother Nature came to give you a special show. She is just bringing me cold and an excuse to stay indoors.
Lovely pictures.

M!ssPr!ssy said...


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