Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's in your bag?

Many times over, I've seen women share what's in their bag. Be it their purse, their backpack, their suitcase, etc. I've always found this interesting, how other women are different from me in what's "most important" that they have to carry with them every day of their lives.

Let me preface by saying, that most of the time, I could get away with carrying a wallet.


I hate large purses, especially big floppy ones. It's embarrassing to stand in line and you can't find your debit card because it slide to the bottom of a dark abyss, all the while the big man behind you is tapping his foot and huffing.

HOWEVER, I only carry a mid sized purse because sometimes I want to put my camera in it. I still hate big purses tho.


This is my current purse. It's a cute Kate Spade bag. I love Kate, she is so stylish and loves big and bright colors just like me! I bought this bag used and got it for a song and a dance.


EEK! Messy, and it makes me uncomfortable. I took this opportunity to clean out my purse!


1. Ibuprofen, which I just always generically call "advil". I can't live without this stuff. It cures all that ails me.
2. Business cards! Actually Gene does a better job of carrying my cards than I do. He's a keeper.
3. Yep, I still carry checks! Us old people do that! This is a checkbook cover I made as Christmas gifts years ago for my design team on Designers Library scrapbook supplies. I made one for me and I just keep using it.
4. Chapstick - this is just a winter thing. My lips have been hurting since it's turned off cold.

5. Rolaids - always have to keep some of these in my purse for Gene. However, this weekend *I* needed some. Realized the next day after Amber bought me some, that I had a stash in my purse. ugh. Would have been nice not to sleep propped up.

6. A giant clip. No idea why it's there, but I left it in there. A big clip is kind of a good thing to have around, you know, for clipping emergencies.

7. The thought of not having an ink pen in my purse makes me hyperventilate just a little bit. Just ask Tanner! (he's a pen thief)

8. Trusty Lotus phone. I've been known to turn around and go home when I forget it.

9. Fiber One bar (these are so yummy!) I hate getting stuck out of the house and getting hungry. I snack a couple times a day, and get really grumpy if I'm hungry. You wouldn't like me when I'm grumpy.


10. I use these little clear baggies to help me organize my purse. I really REALLY REALLY hate lose paper in my purse. The sound makes me cringe, and having to dig drives me nuts. I put all my receipts in one of these little bags, and essentials in another one. That way I don't have to dig!

11. A huge stack of cards. I used to freak ppl out when I took them out because they thought they were credit cards, but the reality is, I don't carry any credit cards at all. They are all store loyalty cards, my library card, etc.

12. My debit cards (ok, and an orscheln's gift card). If I take ONE thing with me, that's it.

13. I love this little coin purse. I keep all myc ards (11) and cash in it. It has a little window in the back for my license. It came with a purse that I carried around 6 years ago. That purse is long gone, but the coin purse stays.

14. cold hard CASH. Cash can get you out of a lot of trouble. It never hurts to have a little on hand. It's also good to hide it. Not from burglars... nope.. from husbands that use you for a personal ATM machine (pet peeve!!!)

No that's a lie. LOL. There's one thing that I couldn't show because I am using it! I carry my camera in my purse about half the time. It's a 50d with a battery grip so it's BIG. This is the only reason I carry a purse this size.

This was fun!
Maybe now you can psychoanalyze me and explain why I'm so screwed up.

(that was a joke.. shut it!)

If you've done a "what's in my bag" or want to, link here!!


LisaDay said...

I love those things, too. I think we should do a 'what's in your shopping cart' or 'What's in your fridge.' I find both fascinating.


the Goodwife said...

Hmm, mine would be a pretty boring post! I have a check book wallet thingy, which has my debit card, checks (I have them too, does that make me old?) license and such in it. Two pens, some Carmex, Head On (which is headache stuff you smear on your forehead like deoderant) Advil, the leather patch off the first pair of Levi's my hubby wore out after we got married, and that's about it! If he and I are out together I have his wallet and sometimes his phone in there. I don't have a phone myself. I could shove my license and my debit card in a back pocket and be good for days. I actually left my purse in an Arby's for 3 days before I remembered I didn't have it.......Luckily it was still there and intact when I called them!

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