Thursday, December 30, 2010

If I were the crazy cat lady - on steriods....

Someday, when I'm old(er), gray(er) and (more) crazy, I'll take Gene's entire life insurance policy and build a barn full of critters. (I'm sure he'd be happy to know I'm spending his life insurance already lol).

Inside you'll find a plethora of critters I've fallen in love with:

Sydney the sebright

A Sebright Chicken

Baby pig taking a nap!

A Baby pig

baby african pygmy hedgehog - explored

Hedgehog awww so sweet!

My Very Own Fawn

A fawn - I wanna kiss his lil' face.

Curious Squirrel

A squirrel. I'll take a good old Missouri squirrel too, but if i get to chose, I want one like this. Or a black one. Or white, or maybe gray. Or ALL OF THEM!


A baby skunk. Yeah, I know the possiblities.

Baby Great Horned Owls

A baby owl. Or two.

Red Panda

A red faced panda!

Nemo and Dory in Seattle Aquarium

Nemo and Dory. Or Marlin.

Mitza in the garden

A hamster, with a cute petunia hat. (which he'll probably eat)

On the lookout...

A weasel, which will try to eat the hamster so maybe I'll be ok with just a ferret.


Ohh a turtle! I'll settle for a box turtle. I hear they live forever so you have to put them in your will.

Odin & Echo Kiss

And a puddy and a rat... especially a pair that are friends.

At the moment, I think I'll settle for a Sebright Chicken if I can find one... and maybe a rat because Tanner's been wanting one forever. But don't push your luck boy.
PSsst.. I didn't take one of these photos. Click on the pic to see the rest of their work.
In other news:
I've been sick as a dog. (Why do poor dogs always have to be so "sick"??) Today I feel a little better in that now I can kinda breathe. Yesterday was a huge struggle!
Tomorrow... New Year's Eve! Time to reflect on this past year, and think about our future. Share!


the Goodwife said...

Beautiful pics! I hope you are back to 100% soon, being sick sucks!

Tracy said...

Beautiful photo's.
I do have to agree with you that chicken is beautiful.
Hope you feel better soon. I have been sick during the whole holidays, and it sucks I tell ya.

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