Thursday, December 16, 2010

12 Days of Better Christmas Photography - Day 4 - Be Prepared

Crown Center Christmas trees

Are you prepared to take photos this Christmas? Plan ahead and you won't be disappointed with your results!

  1. Don't forget to take your camera! (I've done this plenty!)
  2. Keep fresh batteries in your bag, don't forget to recharge them.
  3. Jot a list of photos you'd like to capture so you don't forget.
  4. Are you going to need a flash?
  5. Think about the light ahead of time, and remember to set your white balance (I'll give a lesson on this!)
  6. Think about your surroundings before you shoot. Try to avoid picture frames growing out of grandma's head.
  7. Do you have enough memory cards with you?

Now, for you memory impared people out there (can I hear a whatwhat!), You know who you are! You need to hit Ctrl +p and print this out. Sit it on TOP of your purse or camera bag so you don't forget.

That's my advice anyway, not that I ever have to do stuff like that. I never forget.


1 comment:

Merynne said...

I just found your blog today! And I look forward to your lesson on white balance. ;) I don't know much about manual shooting because I typically photograph moving targets (kids, lol), but I have started learning more and I am excited to really "use" my camera! Anyway, enjoying your blog!

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