Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another door to Narnia?

So apparently I have too much space in my kitchen.
How many people do you know that say that?

Either too much space, or I'm a space case. Many of you know that we're living in a house we're remodeling slowly on our own. It's been going well, and the kitchen is *almost* finished. We added a whole wall of cabinets, a desk, an island, a beverage fridge in the island along with a prep sink, new appliances, blah blah. Lots of work.

When we got the fridge last winter ('09) we had to take out an old cabinet and put in a new one to make room.

A WHOLE YEAR ago. *this is important*

So the other day I was looking for something that I don't remember right now what it was. I knew it was in a drawer someplace so I started digging. Then, I stood there at the stove and looked down. I thought to myself, what is in that drawer?


(Yes, I still need to put the trim work on the front edge of my counter yet)

Slowly, I opened the drawer to see if my missing treasure was hidden somewhere in this drawer I never use, and lo and behold I found this:


NOTHING! (OK, a booklet, an outlet cover and some crumbles but otherwise, nothing). I had an empty drawer for an entire YEAR and didn't realize it. *shakes head in shame* Meanwhile one spot on my counter was extra congested. It turned into this in about 12 seconds:


Can I have my girl card back now?


(for the record, I have other empty drawers in my house too. Give it time, I'll find lots of junk to stuff them full of!)

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gowestferalwoman said...

Oh goodness no no no. You have a girlcard and then some. Like a trophy girl huge trophy thing; because right now there are mothers of messy teenage daughters everywhere using this post as an example to follow ~ "see, this professional photographer who has her OWN successful business, she HAS EMPTY drawers, shes very ORGANIZED and practical and SUCCESSFUL because she had foresight to leave EMPTY DRAWERS available for future use - she PLANS FOR THE FUTURE, that Lana does ..."

Hang on to that trophy girlfriend, reeeaal tight.
I broke mine looong time ago...I am used as the horrific warning...

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