Sunday, March 20, 2011

Burn baby BURN!

Last weekend Gene and I worked on the bookcase/bar most of the weekend. A "project" we considered but put off because we couldn't babysit it and do master carpentry (that was sarcasm) at the same time, was burning off the second acre.

We have 2 full acres, one of which we do nothing with. No mowing. No planting. Nothing. We're just redneck enough to pull that off. ;) The original reason was because it was just too much to push mow (that's all we had when we moved here). After a while, we kinda got used to it.

However it gets a bit unruly and we feel like it should be at least taken down to bare ground once in a while if nothing else to scare away the voles (which doesn't work).

So, Wednesday we had a meeting at Tanner's school and didn't get home until late. This is what saw as I pulled in my driveway:


YIKES! My yard is gone and my chickens were all huddling in the corner of the coop. "What did we dooooo??? Our life is off kilter! Helllpppppp usssss!"

I was only annoyed for about 15 seconds. You see, a few days before, I'd gotten my new dress form I bought specifically to shoot vintage wedding dresses we're selling online. I thought it would look so cute to take the dress form out into the tall grass.

Yeah.... notsomuch anymore.

So I thought about it a day or two, and then decided to run with it.



This is called "Wedding in the apocolypse". I think it's an awesome theme don't you? The minister can be a zombie and they can serve tiger blood.

(is that joke dated already? too soon?)

However, the chickens?


They're thinking "tasty tasty apocolypse."

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the Goodwife said...

AAAHHAHAHAHAHAAA! I gotta tell ya, that's exactly what I was thinking when I looked at those pictures. I was thinking poor early 20th century sod buster, killed on his wedding day by runaway team. Bride decides to go ahead with wedding anyway..........LOL!

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