Friday, March 11, 2011

The eagle has landed {again}

TLC sure has an interesting line up of programs. TLC USED to stand for "The Learning Channel", but now it seems like it's more about feuding families and gawker reality TV.

I didn't say that was a *bad thing*

However, I'm a little ashamed to admit, that I did catch myself watching "600 pound mom" the other day and did a mild freak out. It was motivation for me to get back on track and with warmer weather flitting about, I decided I'd start walking again.

Now for the record, where I live (down in a gully) is flat. Flat as a friggin pancake for several miles. I can walk almost 2 miles and STILL SEE MY HOUSE. That is soooo boring and I just can't do it. I need something to look at besides bean fields and well, my house.

Up the road from me, is a lake, a small one. I decided it would be kinda nice to drive up there (yeah, I know.. someday I'll walk there) and at the very least walk laps around the parking lot. I get to see the water, grass, walk out on the pier, lots of trees and a small hill or 2.

On the other hand, I can also take my camera so if I see something interesting, I can stop gasping for air for a few minutes to grab a few shots. (plus I need to practice with my new lens).

I wasn't there but 10 minutes and I heard a loud screech.
I knew that sound, I've heard it before, mostly on TV.

It was an EAGLE.
The bald variety.


I look out across the lake and spot several dots in a dead tree overlooking the lake. I cursed myself for not bringing my telephoto lens also, but like all "good" photographers, I never have what I want when I need it.

I just kept walking in circles which must have been very interesting because a few minutes later, I had visitors.


I suppose they were scoping out whether I was worthy of lunch or not. Thankfully they said no.


The eagles follow the duck and geese migration and several times a flock would fly over. Then, every once in a while when the eagles would be out of sight, you'd hear 900 geese having a fit somewhere on the side of the lake I couldn't see.

Slowly the got closer and closer "inspecting" me, making big loops around the parking lot.



I'm not sure what they thought, but they left me alone. (probably I was too fatty, bad for their cholesterol levels).

I tend to agree with the above statement.

I just dropped the bomb on Gene a bit ago, I want to try to hike around the lake a ways and see if we can get closer shots. Something tells me the answer is no, but I'm gonna try anyway.

I'll report Monday about my broken ankle, lost camera and the 2 ambulance crews that have to life flight me out.


PS My heart and prayers goes out to everyone in Japan at this time. I pray that my Japanese readers are all safe right now. Also prayers to those in HI and the whole west coast. Hopefully you are all unscathed.


**MIGNONNE** said...

So awesome!!! I wish I lived closer, I would go all around that lake with you. I hope to see more eagles.

Crystal said...

Wow, those eagles are beautiful! I haven't ever seen any in person, I hope someday I get the chance to.

Oh, and I'm in Hawaii, and I stayed safe (I'm in the center of the island), and we haven't seen any damage in our area.

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