Monday, March 28, 2011

Little bit o' green


The down side to burning off all your grass, weeds, old cobwebs and unwelcome critters is that for a while, you look like you live next to a blasting zone, or the beginning of the zombie apocolypse.

The upside is, that in very short order, you're guaranteed a brand new, bright green lawn. (or blasting zone if you will).


Everywhere, peeking up through the blackness, fresh green sprigs of grass that say "ha ha.. didn't get me". (Sadly, there's a few vole hills that are saying the same thing. But we're fighting the good fight in that arena.)

Also on the up side, is that the chickens are in hog heaven.


So much to see.

So much to do.

So much to scratch.

So much to eat!

In very sad related chicken news: We lost our first chickie on Saturday. We have had them almost a FULL year and not one chicken has went to the great beyond.

Saturday, Gene went out to let them out of the coop, and one was dead. One of the black barred rocks. I had noticed that on Thursday evening, one was standing in the nesting box, but I thought maybe she was cold as it was late and chilly. I didn't go back and check up on her again on Friday, so I do feel kind of bad. My gut tells me she was egg bound.

I have to remind myself that they are supposed to be chickens, and not pets, but you can't help but feel bad and get just a wee bit attached to them.

I am hoping though, that maybe soon one will go broody and we can have some baby chicks. Yay chicks!


the Goodwife said...

Sorry you lost your first one! Death is sure a fact of farm life, but it's never easy!

We love burning stuff off. You are right, it greens up so much quicker that way!

gowestferalwoman said...

Sorry about your loss :( Eggbound is never easy to predict...

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