Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Sparks - Painting with light

Don't think I haven't found some irony in this weeks Thursday "Sparks" being painting with light.

Lately I've been seeing some really incredible photos with mysterious light orbs, lines, patterns, etc. Intrigued by how they did it, I started to investigate further. All images involve a long exposure and some sort of object that creates light. The combinations seem to be absolutely endless.

Hiding on the shore

Orbs seem to be a common theme. No idea how it's done. Must investigate further.


If you can make art at night...

Flying sparks are made by burning steel wool and spinning it on a metal leash. Yeah, that sounds scary to a chick with lots of hair.

Alien invasion

Bride & Groom + Fire

This is Ben Godkin, he's on a wedding photography group I'm in. It's awesome to see how he incorporated this into their wedding day. Hmm, I have a WHOLE BUNCH of sparklers left from my wedding.

Experimenting in my future.

But this guy, is by far, the king of lightpainting. Straight out of the camera shots most of the time.

Fourth Dimensional Vision


Forgotten Places

If you want to learn more, or see more photos you can check out a Lightpainting group on flickr

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