Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brown Chicken Brown cow


The chickens have been in heaven lately. Little bits of grass are turning green, they eat it as fast as it can grow. The melting snow is great to soften the ground so it makes it easier to scratch for worms. They've discovered that there's some cool stuff out in the bean field and they hover right along the edge.

This should be interesting come planting season. I might have to keep them cooped up for a while, digging up crops, probably wouldn't go over very well.

In a horrible, almost non-existant tangent, Trace Adkins has lost some of his shine.

Nope, it's not the muppets doing the dirty in the barn that gets me. It's the fact that Trace needs a deep conditioning treatment and a haircut.


Let me get you a gift certificate or something.

1 comment:

LisaDay said...

I would imagine the farmers would be quite angry to see beautiful chickens in their fields.


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