Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stuff that rocks - Eagle cam


Norfolk Botanical Gardens has a really wonderful bald eagle nest cam. Currently there are 2 eaglets and a 3rd egg that should be hatching at any moment. If you watch for a little while, you'll see her get up and feed the little ones.

It's also very distracting.

Sorry about that part ;)


gowestferalwoman said...

That is pretty neat...

but I dont think of eagles like normal people do - im with benjamin franklin on the turkey being the national bird...

We used to live on the St. Croix River Wisconsin side, and eagles were a fact of life..our cat george went "on eagles wings" we found out...:(

Nina Diane said...

last year in our office we all watched an eagle cam. it was totally ridiculous how obsessed we got with it.

LisaDay said...

What an amazing bird. Thanks for the link - and the distraction.


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