Monday, March 21, 2011

It's officially official!

it's official

Spring is here my friends! Not only are the robins flitting about, the grass is sprouting, but also, I hung my first load of laundry on the line today and it was so nice and warm. I wore flip flops and capris. I was impressed that not only did they fit, but they were loose. Nice to see that happen for a change. haha. I've been unable to stop myself from buying dozens of bulbs for the garden that may never happen. You know, maybe a hundred - which exactly 13 will get planted. I have lifted my ban on peonies though. Being a wedding photographer, you get a soft spot for beautiful peonie arrangements. I'll just learn to live with the ant part.

This weekend was great! I want another go around!

  • Bought my new camera (not on amazon tho, on ebay). I got it about an hour after my old 30D sold. good by 30d! (it's going to Russia!)

  • Finished the backsplash in my kitchen (will share photos soon). It's purdy. I still have a tiny bit of trim work to do. The kitchen is the one room in the house that's pretty much finished. Only 8 more to go!

  • Worked on the bookcase/bar in the dining room. I'm going to be SO GLAD when that project is finished. *really* Having problems matching some stain. I'm thinking about yelling about it. Stay tuned.

  • Friends came to visit (told you about that earlier). We had fun, it was nice having visitors. Sometimes, I feel a little like a troll under a bridge out here.

  • Watched many many hours of a legend in the photography industry online, Bambi Cantrell. I learned more in a couple hours than I've learned in 3 years. I ended up buying the whole shebang so I don't miss anything, and so I can digest it a little at a time.

  • Tanner has been working furiously on the yard. He'll come home from school, drop his stuff and go outside for a couple hours to work. he's edged my sidewalk and put up some barrier. Cleaned out from under the deck (you wouldn't believe all the junk that gets under there!) and cleaned it off. We're going to paint it this summer (sarcastic yay). I don't NEED to always be so ghetto fabulous, even though I seem to wear it well.

Today: wind. and rain. and I'm kind of glad (for the rain part). I feel like everything needs a good washing.

Now if I could just figure out where that musty smell is coming from!

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the Goodwife said...

I'm glad you've stopped discriminating against peonies, (we call them Piney's here). I know what you mean bout the ants, though when I was a little wee one some of my first memories are of watching ants crawling 'round on those fat piney buds before they burst into bloom.

Sounds like you are ready for spring! I know we are!

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