Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All together ppl.. "hummmmmmmm"

About a month ago, I was sitting in my scrapbook room, when a really large bug comes bounding up to my window. I look closer, and realize, that the "bug" is a hummingbird, that's very interested in the red curtain I have hanging in the window!

I've seen this guy (or his cousin) on several occassions over the past couple years.

Last year, they were interested in the red writing on the storage unit that sat in my driveway for 4 months. They also love the door on the front of my house that I repainted red.

About a week after I saw the "big bug", I was watching tv, and noticed he returned to the living room window. I have a croquet set by the windows that's bright orange. Don't ask why the croquet set is in the living room. I don't know, it ended up there, and now it seems to be where it belongs.

That and I don't have a garage.

*heavy sigh*

That did it! I decided that I'd go out and investigate hummingbird feeders. I picked up a cheapy model from Waltermart and then sat it on kitchen counter for about a week.

Follow through is not one of my strong suits at time. Forgive me.

So when he came back bouncing against my glass, I decided that I probably ought to get the feeder out there. One of the shepherds hook that the birdfeeders was hanging on, had to be sacrificed. I moved it right in front of the living room window, hung the hummingbird feeder and then the next day, we left for our honeymoon. I figured that would get that hummingbird all primed and ready, and I wouldn't have to wonder if he was there the entire week.

We get home, and by golly, he was there!

Hummingbird Feeder

It took a few days of either the cat scaring him off, or me not having a camera, or not focusing fast enough, but finally, I captured the guy on film.

Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbird Feeder


Hummingbird Feeder

I really want to be able to get even closer, which is probably going to involve a tripod and that remote that I want. And patience. And less cats. Neither of which I have much of.

Speaking of which, I think I figured out where Gene's mysterious rash is coming from:


Never leave a drawer full of soft tshirts open in my house. I'm just sayin.

This guy is DRIVING ME NUTS.

I never knew I was loved and adored so much. I swear he'd marry me if he could.

Or eat me.
With some fava beans and a nice chianti.

Everywhere I go, there he is. Like right now, he's asleep on the desk in front of me, which is not unusual perse, but it has more to do with the passion he does it with.

Next thing you know, I'll have to escort him to the litterbox. Why not? He already escorts me to MY litter box.

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