Monday, July 27, 2009

oh.. my HERO

Friday, Gene was in the dining room at "his" computer and being the good husband that he is, says "there's a bird out here!"


What he meant to say, is that there was a meadowlark right outside the window. He said "It's a weird bird" and I said "it's a meadowlark" and he was all "oh." But that's not the point. As I went to the kitchen window to look out at him, something in the pool caught my eye.

There's was a bird! In the pool!!

I said "There's a bird! In the pool!!"

Gene jumps out of the chair and heads outside, and the rest of the story plays out something like this:


1. "Help! Help! *gargle gargle* I'm drowning! Why won't these ducks help me! All I wanted to do was to say hello to the little pink duck and *gargle gargle*!! Help help!"

2. "Are you god?"

3. "OMG, you're not MY MOMMY!!"




4. "DAD DAD! That man touched me. WITH his *BARE HAND*"

5. "I'll sue you, but first I'm gonna chirp really really loud and closer than ever before, but then, then I'll sue you. "

Man, Robins have some serious aggression and entitlement issues.

*you're welcome*

Gene's response? "I just didn't want him to crap in the pool".

Oh you big softie you!

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