Monday, July 27, 2009

My life this past week - an update

Gosh, I feel like I have to do fell swoop updates more and more often lately. I've just been so busy I can't keep up with the day to day stuff, but I'm getting caught up, so we're getting there!

  • Bought a new laptop! Woot. Now I can stop whining about it. Walmart had back-to-school laptops on sale, so we all got up really early on Sunday morning, sat in line and actually got one of the only 10 they had. We're happy! It'll mainly get used when this computer (in the kitchen now) gets moved to my scrapbook room, and the main PC (in the dining room) gets moved to the kitchen. Gene will then do most of his surfing on the laptop. Did you keep up with that? LOL I also am SURE I will use it on our next vacation to keep the blog updated instead of saying "see you next week!", I didn't know how much I missed it until I paid $12.50 for 17 minutes at Marriot in Golden, Colorado. LOL

  • We had to give the cats baths last night. OMG. Cats really don't like getting a bath. Mack took it well, Jingles flipped out. Kinda funny considering he's actually gotten in the shower with me before.

  • Went to Michaels Saturday evening, and saw that they had cricut cartridges for $40 and paper pads for 30% off. I picked up the hello kitty cartridge because I have absolutely NO NEED for it. LOL. I also picked up the GCD chic bebe paper pad, marked $7.99 and 30% off that.

    Long story short, the cartridge rang up at $89.99 and the paper at $21.99.. UH. *no*. It took forever, but I ended up getting the cartridge for $40, and the paper pad for around $5.60. But get this, when she was ringing it up, she messed up on the discount and gave me too much off. She caught it as she was putting my receipt in the bag. It took me a while to even figure out what she was talking about.

    Finally she said "Oh just forget it, it's fine". So in the end, my cartridge cost me around $33 and the paper $5.60! Woot. I saved like $75! Made me feel better about buying hello kitty that I did NOT NEED.

  • Went to garage sales on Saturday morning. That was almost a bust (Fridays are better fyi) and at the last one, we found an awesoooooommmme big cabinet for me to put scrapbook paper in. Honestly, I don't know where to put it. LOL. It's so perfectly, perfect for scrapbook paper. Oh, and $10! Score

  • Speaking of awesomeness and bargains. I got this last weekend at an antique mall:


Hello cuteness for only $16.50.
It's doll size, but I'm going to sit a cute baby in it on Friday.
  • I had an engagement shoot with Paige and Randy on Sunday morning. They are so cute. She is nervous giggly. Those brides are fun. Giggling makes cute pictures. I'll share soon

  • We've been going through paypal hell recently. Trying to return inferior products to China. Yeah that. Ugh. I'm pretty close to just giving up.

  • Saturday was my mom's birthday, and Sunday was Gene's middle son's and my Brother in law John's birthday. July is a big birthday month!! Happy Birthday everyone! You got your cards, now step up off of me.

  • All weekend we worked on tile when I wasn't taking naps or taking pictures. Tiling is not FUN. If you know a tile guy, HUG HIM AND TELL HIM HE'S my new *HERO*. I do the dry fit, and the sticking them down, and the grout, Gene does all the cutting (that's a wet job) and we cuss at each other a lot in the process. Maybe it didn't help that I needed a nap badly. Maybe it helped less that he stuck a tile right where I told him not to stick a tile! My eyes crossed. For a few min. The life went on and I came here to brood about it. :)

    Epic boring tile laying photos:


Here's the dry fit. Yep, you really shouldn't skip this step. It's tempting, especially if you have a big floor or counter, but nothing would suck worse than getting to the end and finding out you're 1/4" short.



A wet saw is a must. It's also... well... really wet. Goggles required. You should wear them anyway, but don't even try not to! Also, don't wear your favorite t-shirt. You'll never get that crap out of it ever again. Ask my favorite t-shirt.


Yep, that's me, setting tile with mastic under my nails. My pretty acrylic nails. Surpringly, they survived! I HATE the feeling of stuff under my nails. geee-ross.


And finally, a little note under the granite from Gene. He wanted to confess something for future generations. I feel the truth should come out now.

Now, aren't you glad you asked me how my day was?

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