Friday, July 10, 2009

Honeymoon update part 2 - image heavy

July 5, 2009:

This day was our loose day. Meaning, we (we meaning me) had to scour some travel brochures to find some interesting things to do.... oh, and they had to be near to each other. And we couldn't drive very far. *sigh*. MEN!

I really wanted to go to crested butte, and I even volunteered to drive, through the mountains, all by my lonesome, but I couldn't get him to play along. Crested Butte is the wildflower capital of the US. I'd be in heaven.

*next time he goes to Crested Butte*

We started off the morning at an art show where I did some shooting from the hip. I didn't even look to see what images I captured til the end of the day. It was fun, and odd, and I had a whole lot of overexposed headless ppl. LOL. I thought it ended up with some interesting pics.


The art show was interesting. and huge. and hot. I totally had to laugh at one booth. The place is filled with hundreds of artists, painters, fiber, mixed media, sculpture, etc. One booth was sculptures, but some of them were yard sculptures, many bunnie rabbies with flowers. Now, it seemed very "crafty" but you could tell they were created by an artist and not a crafter (there's nothing wrong with crafters! they probably make more money than artists to be fair).

As we passed by the booth I heard some guy say "Oh, the bunnies are *interesting*." I had to stop myself from pulling him aside and saying: "Ok, so a miniature body, covered in wire, hanging on a black canvas is normal to you, but a bunny is weird?" LOL. wth?

After we didn't buy one single thing, we left for Morrison. Now it was supposed to be pretty cool there, as there's a place called Dinosaur Ridge. When we get there, we see that there's a 1.5 mile walk. Uphill. The whole way. In July.

Um. OK, maybe not.


Instead, we went to the visitor center, paid $2.00 to see a few displays, use an icky bathroom, bought a couple souvenirs and then left. To be fair, we could have paid $3.00 to ride a trolley to the top, but decided that it was cutting into valuable time and probably wouldn't be worth the trip.

If you ever get a chance you should go to Dinosaur National Monument in Utah. Gene doesn't know it yet, but our next vacation is going to be to Utah. lol. That has been one of my favorite places on earth.

Ever heard of Red Rocks Park?

Well, it's a beautiful place. Craggy rocks jutting up out of the ground. You can tell something big happened at some point in the past and I'm glad I wasn't there when it happened.


In the middle of this park, is a natural amphitheatre that was built in the 40's. I never knew this was there. It's kinda scary looking! No way could I go to a concert here with my fear of heights. And stairs. And stairs with no handrails.

srsly, I freaked out just watching ppl jog along the seats. Freaks.


It was here that I realized that it must be hard to be fat in Denver. Really, everywhere is uphill, everyone exercises and rides bikes everywhere, and the air is definitely thin. I know this because I felt like dog doo most of the week.

The plan to walk to the top, totally nixed by me.


It was right around here, that Gene started to lose his patience. He was hungry, and so was I, and you never wait until 2:00 p.m. to eat lunch because no one will feed you. Really. Take an energy bar and eat at 12:30 like normal ppl or you'll be eating hotdogs at a convenience store just like we did.


After we got some food, and then drove and did a little shopping, Gene said he was sorry for being grumpy, which was ok, because I get grumpy when I'm hungry too.

Advice: I've learned something with Gene, and girls, this will work for you too. When he's grumpy, just keep quiet and work on a solution, instead of defending. Arguing about being hungry really would have NEVER fixed that situation, it would have only escalated into a big blowout fight. Instead, we settled on whatever we could find, let our bellies get full and then give it time and everyone calms. Then he apologizes for something I never asked for an apology for. (he knew he was being a shit). In the end, it meant more to get an apology when I wasn't expecting one.

Having said that, I have a line.

Don't cross it.



My point to all that, was that after we got done shopping, and was going back to the hotel, he was totally ok with me stopping 47 times to take pictures of water, flowers, weeds, the clouds, sky, trees, etc. He didn't complain *one time*


I should let him get hungry more often.


I practiced a lot with taking water photos that look like they are "moving" and will share a momtographers tip for you soon with the technique!

I'll share some of the other day's later. I've spent all morning on updates and going through pics and I have so much work to do!

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