Friday, July 31, 2009

Ok, well that sucked!

Alright folks.
Today has been a bust so far.

This morning I went to one of my fav sites and picked up a trojan horse malware. It was disgusting and nasty, called home antivirus 2010. It makes it look like it's your own software, and it's picking up malware (ironically) and you can't get rid of it until you pay $29.95. Nope, I did not fall for it.

However, it was nasty.

It would not let me run spybot. It kept trying to take over internet explorer. It changed my homepage to google for some weird reason. System restore did nothing. It did a lot of other things. I was completely at my wits end!

Finally I found this site. I downloaded Malwarebytes anti malware and I need to give it 27 thumbs up. If I had 27 thumbs. Fixed it, but did take a couple hours to run the full scan.

Oh, and for the fun part. Jingles jumped up on my desk 917 times while i was trying to do this stuff. He got in big trouble and now he's pouting in the bedroom. *thanks for the break cat*

Even tho not always right has been one of my favorite humor blogs, I'm going to give it the big EFF YOU and not recommend anyone ever go there again.

I'm also going to suggest that you download malwarebytes and run a scan. It will find tons of stuff you never knew was there. My computer is running faster now. Oh, and it's free.

AVG, you're on the chopping block next. *spit*

Now, back to trying to rescue my day!


Mrs. S said...

MalWare Bytes is a fantastic program! Pookie has it set to run every morning on my system :) Also we use Avast for our anti virus continuously scans and since we started using it, I've had no problems whatsoever!

Lana said...

Thanks Mrs S! I'll look into that advast program. My ISP has one that's supposed to be pretty good, but I've not downloaded it yet.

Oh, and it's not just me, since posting this, I've had tons of hits of people looking information on the SAME SITE!

Amanda said...

Thanks... I know this is waaaay late but I just got the same trojan horse off of Will give malwarebytes a shot and see what happens :)

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