Friday, July 17, 2009

and now for something completely different


Our shoot last night went really well, we stayed for a couple hours and took 798 photos. No really. I'll share a few as soon as this computer and the other computer decide to be friends again and let me share photos between computers.

Speaking of sharing. We officially have 2 hummingbirds that I can tell. One is green, the other has a ruby throat. No pics of that one yet. I know, you'll be so tired of hummingbirds you'll put out pesticides for them.

Tanner is gone today doing something (he has no idea what) with band. He's not all that excited about it. I never realized how much he adored my boring company. :p Speaking of Tanner, he was my helper last night. THANK YOU TANNER. Sarah's mother in law came along too, and also was a big help.

Dude, I had a posse.

Today I need to hunker down and go swimming. No really, I need to commit myself to lounging around.

I wish.
Actually, I need to work on some photos. Goal was everything done by the end of the month, and I'm only 1/4 of the way there, and 1/2 the month is gone. Plus I took on several shoots this month that I didn't have at the beginning of the month!

Now, I'm off to feed the hummingbirds, because they've ate everything in like 2 days. big fat hogs.

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