Thursday, July 16, 2009

Got the nervous jitters

I'm having a nervous as hell day. It's all because of this girl:


Yep, that's Sarah. I shot Sarah and Jack's wedding a couple weeks ago. Their engagement and wedding with smooth as silk and I took a ton of beautiful shots of them. It was easy really.

Seriously. Look at her.

Sarah knows the camera, and she knows what makes a good shot. I think she might have missed her calling as a model. Jack, he's brave and an instigator. I get the feeling that Sarah wants to do things, and it's Jack that presses her onward. They are a good team.

So *yesterday afternoon*, my son says to me "Do you have any couples that you haven't done engagement pictures for yet?" I said, "yes, a couple, why?".

"Because the fair is in town, and that'd be a great place to take pictures.".

He was so right.

And why is it that a 14 year old BOY has to tell me this? *smacks self upside head* I'm supposed to come up with this stuff on my own. srsly. Maybe I'll start training him to be my second. Then he'll be famous one day and put me in a good nursing home.

I love you Tanner, please put me in a nice nursing home, where they don't tie you to the bed and take you to the potty at least twice a day. Did I mention I love you?

Anyway, the first person that I thought of, was Sarah. Sarah and Jack's wedding is over, as is the engagements obviously, but I know Sarah is brave, and Sarah has a stunning dress. And Sarah loves photographs. And Sarah knows the camera.

And she's local.
{But that's at the bottom of the list. }

I REALLY want to do a Rock the Dress session. Sometimes referred to as a Trash the Dress session. I try to call it that, but after seeing bride's faces flip out repeatedly, I downplayed it a bit.

A rock the dress is an opportunity to put on your 14 trillion dollar dress AGAIN, go out to where you refused to wear it before the wedding, and have a little fun. Let's trek up and down alleys, or walk through the waterfall at the college, wanna go for a swim at the lake?

no I'm serious.
no really.

It'll be OK I SWEAR!

So anyway, I called Sarah and she was like "Uh - YEAH. duh"

So today we're going to the fair. Which is not a biggie except it's thundering, and rainy, and there'll be 14,000,000 people there. Looking directly at me, waiting for me to bend over and split my pants or break a hip. Heck no, they won't be looking at the chick in the beaded wedding gown, eating cotton candy.

All this has made me nervous all day long. I "lost" my battery charger (I thought on our vacation), in the mad search for it I found my business card case and eye drops that I "lost" around Sarah and Jack's wedding. Cussing to myself, I finally found it on the coffee table, where I don't store such things. Ever. No really. I'm sure that's where someone besides me that lives in this house and takes photos left it. Really.

What if one of those REAL photographers in town sees me. You know, those guys that have been doing this for 90 years, have awesome studios and all that technical skill. ACK. I suddenly have an overwhelming urge to do this with my point and shoot.

So..... if you see me tonight, walking around with a balloon bouquet and a telephoto lens, just smile, wave and get the hell out of my shot. :p

Love ya.

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