Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where in the world is Lana Sandiego?

Oh dear.

did you miss me? Did you hide under your pillow and sob yourselves to sleep? Did you wistfully pine for my cutting wit?

I shall go cut myself now. *sob*

Where in the world did Mz-Cellaneous go? Well folks, I try to be a little stealth at times with the things I do because, well, A.) it might be TMI B.) it might be boring C.) it might be nunyabizness D.) it might be kinda creepy the way ya keep stalking me. :p E.) I don't need the world to know when I'm gone even tho I have someone here taking care of the house.

So that's why I was vague.

Gene and I have been planning a honeymoon since like, 3 years ago? LOL. When we got married last year, we decided to put off the honeymoon for a bit because the girls came to stay for 3 weeks, and also, he'd just started a new job and had no vacation, then winter came along, and who wants to vaca in winter time, unless it's to the bahamas, which was out of our price range when you're losing a week's wages too. So we put it off some more, then spring came, and he got a weeks worth of vacation... which he had to use up for testing at the dermatologist. GRRRR. (yes, the whole entire week).

Long story short, every couple weeks, I sit down, look at airline ticket prices, decide on a location, hemhaw a bit, and go back to writing on my blog or editing pictures or pretending to clean.

Last week, something happened. A check came in the mail we'd been waiting a while for. Also, it was almost our anniversary and I'd decided we were NOT going to be at home on the 4th. (for you lovely new readers, our anniversary is July 4th). After seen a couple commercials for I checked it out, and made mental list of a couple things we might do up there overnight and started planning a weekender trip.

Thursday morning started off the same as usual.

Somewhere around 10:30 a.m. Gene calls and says "hey, why don't we go on a honeymoon?"

I'm like: "Wha??"

And he's like: "Ya-huh!"

And I'm like: "no way!"

And he's like: "Dude, Way!"

And then the giddy set in. Oh the idea of a spur of the moment honeymoon after waiting a *long time* (almost too late to call it a honeymoon), was just too much! I was super excited and immediately started planning. Within a couple hours, I'd rented a car, gotten a really nice hotel, went to the bank, talked to the neighbors and told them to shoot anyone on my property, and washed everything we owned. Go me.

Gene got home at 6 p.m., and by 6:30, we were in the car, on the way to the airport to pick up the rental. By 8:30 pm, we were on the road heading westbound for Colorado! And there was music, and all was right with the world. :p We overnighted in Salina and made it to CO by the next early afternoon.

I have like 900 things to tell you, 804 pictures (srsly), two cats that missed me, tons of work to catch up on, and a giveaway! (promised I'd bring you something). I'll share an update tomorrow (Thursday), and probably 19 other random updates. LOL. *there is a lot*

Somewhere in there, I have to catch up on 365. ACK!!

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