Friday, July 10, 2009

Honeymoon update part 3 - image heavy

July 6, 2009


When we went to Colorado as a kid, one of the places we visited was Royal Gorge. The only things I can remember about it were:
1. Holding my mom's hand as we walked across.
2. A sign that said "No fishing" that I thought was hilarious.
3. Looking over the side.

I think we drove across (yes you can do that!) but my dad wouldn't get out. I'd have to ask mom, I don't remember very well.


We went again, and this was our busy day, we were up early and drove an hour to get there. yay for tomtom. First we walked across the bridge and this is when I was the most scared. You see, I'm scared of heights. I've said that right? I'm also scared of things high up that move around. Yep, there's movement, but by golly I was gonna do it regardless. I didn't realize that the planks were WOOD, and there's big gaps in them. It was scary looking at my feet and seeing almost 1100 feet down. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I could have looked up while I walked.



There are several things you can experience at the park for free. You could easily take your family and spend the whole day there.

One of those things is the tram. The tram will make your heart flutter and your knuckles turn white. I dunno, maybe it's just those pesky four wires holding all your body weight (and 17 others) that leaves you a little uneasy, and questioning if that's sweat, or if you didn't just pee your pants a little bit.

But once I got on, everything was cool. It's a fast 4 minute ride to the other side, and I was much less scared than walking across the bridge. Weird.


But, you really get to experience the whole thing.

There's also this weird little train that will take you to the bottom. Apparently it's been there since the 60's, but we did not ride the train to the bottom back when I was a kid. No idea why if it was included in the cost. Maybe it wasn't.

Or maybe mom ditched me and I don't remember because it was so tramatic.

That one I could believe.


These are weird "trains". Not really trains at all, but more like wire boxes that you stand in. It's at this point, I should also point out that I'm clausterphobic.

Man, I'm a mess.

It also makes you contemplate getting back on your diet. Oh, and hoping you remembered deoderant (and everyone else too) because you will become close friends for the next 5 minutes.

The best view is the front car, but we didn't get it either time, so our view was limited to the top of the car in front of us, and the walls of the canyon.


This gives you an idea of what the cars look like, and how steep of a climb it was!


A view looking up, praying no one spits over the side.


A few crazy, psycho white water rafters.


There's even a train that follows along the river.


It was fun, and definitely worth the price ($22 with a coupon from online). We went on a Monday to avoid all the crowds, and I think that was a smart move as it was HOT, and waiting in line was bad enough for 15 minutes, we would have never made it hours.

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ceedeedee said...

No skycoaster? Haha!
We did the same trip for our honeymoon a year ago, and have a video of us going on it. I enjoy the pictures. Brings back a lot of great memories.

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