Saturday, January 1, 2011

11 things to accomplish in 2011


I decided to make this easy on myself this year, I'm only going to have 11 "goals" that I have to keep track of.

  1. Get right with my health. I feel like I've aged 10 years in the past 5. Lose some of this weight that's draggin' me down (going good so far, lost about 10 pounds in Dec) Which includes: Exercise more - blech. Find something I love and do that! I seriously keep going back to *kayaking* in my head. No really! Must investigate further.

  2. Read 11 (or more) books. Which should be easy considering my new cool little Sony Reader I got for Christmas.

  3. Pay off all our credit cards! Getting there.... paid off one a couple months ago, and suprise! All the sudden all my limits went up. Something tells me I scared someone.

  4. Shoot 15 weddings - Well on my way! We've not even hit the busiest booking season yet. Gene would love for me to shoot 20. I could do that but I might shoot myself in the process. If I get to here, I'm gonna need help.

  5. Rebrand this blog - I love my lil' blog here. (It's been 4 years almost!!), but it needs a makeover. I think I need to either hire someone to fancy me up, or take a few days off and work on nothing else. *I have ideas in my head*

  6. Give more - This Christmas I had a good time doing some random giving. Not big things, but things that people around me needed worse than I needed my money. I liked it - I wanna do more of that!

  7. Adventure! I promised that I would take some sort of self exploration, photo shoot kind of trip this year, and I'm still doing it. I still haven't worked out in my head when or where, but it's still there. PLUS! San Diego in August!

  8. New etsy store - Gene and I have worked since this summer on building a stockpile of goodies for a cool new etsy store. Watch for it to appear this month!

  9. Work on our home - There's so many things here we want to do. "other stuff" keeps getting in the darned way! Like, you know, a new furnace (sighs). However, I love home improvements and creating something exciting out of nothing. First big goals are to install the fireplace in the bedroom (that'll be done by this weekend!), finish the library/bar area and get Tanner's shower done. (I've been putting that one off a long time). Big goals down the road: a deck on the front of the house, a new garage with attached studio, a sunroom addition on the back of the house.... and chicken coop improvements! I'm thinking disco ball ;)

  10. Declutter - This past week I didn't intend to take off. I have a hard time doing nothing at all so even while I'm sick, I've been packing up stuff for storage (I gained around 50 square feet yeehaw!), rearranging furniture, being honest with "stuff" and packing it up to sell or toss. My mind says "ahhhhhhh". I want more of that! I intend to be brutal with my scrapbook room. *scary*

  11. Take more photos. Whaaaaa? Like 100k+ a year isn't enough? No, I mean more photos of my OWN FAMILY. How sucky is that? (the cobbler's children have no shoes!) I realized at the end of the year, I really hadn't take many of Gene, a few of Tanner and *zero* of Seth. However, it would help if Seth came around more (nagging mom voice). At some point, I'm wrangling both boys down for pics of them together, and a family pic... so get your game faces on boys.

I decided to be reasonable with my goals, nothing that's unrealistic or unobtainable. Please share your goals!

oh.... And


M!ssPr!ssy said...

Happy New Years to you too Mz Mzcellanous!! Love your list I might grab some of the ideas when I make mine =D. The girls and I are going to work on vision boards this year to incorporate ourss. Love the vintage card picture. ~cheers

Ann @ I blog, therefore I am. said...

Great resolutions! I have a few similar ones, but I may steal a couple of yours. Are you going to blog about whether you accomplish them?

UnseasonablyWarm said...

Wow! Gorgeous pictures! I like the blue egg nest one the best too! And great resolutions!

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