Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Someone is obviously sulking

{Things only women understand: #1. Cats facial expressions}

He looks kinda pissed doesn't he? I'm not sure what I said or did, but dude is mad at me. What else is new right? He is male after all.

My dining room table has been my work desk for about 6 months now. (yeah, I know). He likes to sit behind the computer and occasionally pokes his head around looking for attention. Apparently I've offended him in some manner because now he sits with his back to me, head hanging down and once in a while he'll bat something onto the floor just to be a typical man/pain in the arse.

I might have to trade him in for a better, non-defective, pissy cat.

Do those even exist???!


Helena said...

LOL! Love the pic.

Ann @ I blog, therefore I am. said...

Love it! We have a cat who sits facing the corner when she is mad at you. Check out my blog, just posted pics of my cats and one is the twin to your cat.

LisaDay said...

I don't think so.

Good luck breaking into a pysche of a cat.


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