Monday, January 17, 2011

Chestnuts roasting in my bedroom... *singing*


I'm going to celebrate my 1000th post (yes.. one. thousand. posts.) by sharing some heat.

Yes my friends, I'm basking in the sweltering interior of my wee lil' home in the middle of a bean field. If you remember, back in December (like, right before Christmas bah!) our furnace said it's final good-byes.

We spent that day hitting the home improvement stores looking for ventless heaters. I really dragged my feet, but I only had one other choice, and that was to pony up for a whole new furnace. Which, I could do, but it would have pinched us so we went with the Plan B.

{I know... I need to vacuum!}

The up side to this plan is, that now I have a little gas fireplace in my bedroom. The downside is, that there's a little flickering light dancing across my ceiling all night long. It's taking some getting used to.

Well, for Gene, not me. He sleeps with a sock across his eyes to keep the light out.
Don't ask.

It's cute, and really does look like a fire at a glance. Plus it was CHEAP! It was on sale for $150 for the entire unit! That is much less (like 90% off) of other units we looked at we liked.

So, if you're considering ventless heaters, it's a pretty good deal! We're keeping the house warmer than before, while using less propane in the process. (our furnace was NOT efficent - not even close).

Yay warm!


Joycee said...

We have one too, in the living room and you are so right...very efficient way to heat. I would like the flickering light in the bedroom, but that's just me. I can just picture your husband sleeping w/a sock!

Ann @ I blog, therefore I am. said...

That is beautiful! And what a bargain. I would love that in my bedroom.

LisaDay said...

Warm is good. Sock is funny.


gowestferalwoman said...

yay warm!!!

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