Thursday, January 6, 2011

But wait! There's more!


If you haven't heard the news (and you probably haven't if you're not local) the New Nodaway Humane Society is having a little bit of trouble. They have been a no-kill shelter for many years, but the economy has not been a friend to many of us, including the shelter.

I've always been an animal lover, probably more than I really should - this is why I don't volunteer there, I'd come home with so many kitties it would be against the law. So I wanted to do *something* to help them out. Yes, I gave them a donation (there is a link at the top of their main page), but I felt like I could do a little more.

Christmas this year, I made as a gift to several people, a little 4x6 photo calendar (above). I ended up making a few extra of these calendars which are all nature related photos. How does this effect you? Welllll.... here's how. I had a few extra of these calendars and I decided that rather than just give them away here, I would offer them up to those that have made donations.

I only have a few, so the first TEN people that donate $10 or more to the shelter (that's 2 coffees at starbucks!) and forward the paypal receipt to me (along with their mailing address) to lana at ceasefirestudios dot net ... I will send you this little calendar for free!

See how easy it is to help little critters?

{Pulling out the big guns - sad puppy dog eyes}

This is wrangler, isn't he adorable? I want this dog!!

Even if you can only give a couple dollars, it would be helpful. I have hundreds (thousands) of readers, if each person could even send $2.00, this would cover there operating expenses for more than a month!

My goal? To make sure that this does not become a kill shelter!

{and spread the word!}

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LisaDay said...

What a lovely idea. And the calendars are fantastic as well.


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